Reggie wins the WWE 24/7 Championship on Raw

Feb 15, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Reggie is your new WWE 24/7 Champion once again.

Tonight’s RAW saw the “friend zone” storyline between Reggie and former champion Dana Brooke continue, and end with Reggie pinning her for the title. RAW featured a segment where R-Truth, Tamina Snuka and Akira Tozawa were stalking Reggie and Brooke while they were at a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Reggie held Truth off while Brooke escaped Tamina and Tozawa. She then came back to Reggie, kissed him and thanked him for saving her again, referring to him as her best friend. Reggie wanted to take things to the next level but Brooke apologized for leading him on. Reggie then rolled Brooke up for the title change, and commented that friendship has its perks. Reggie then ran away as the other Superstars chased him, leaving Brooke with the bill for their dinner.

This is Reggie’s second reign with the 24/7 Title. Brooke won the title back on the November 22 RAW by pinning Cedric Alexander. She held the title for a recognized 84 days.

Dana’s run of 84 days with the strap was the second-longest WWE 24/7 Title reign. Reggie’s first reign went for 112 days last summer.

Stay tuned for more. Below are a few shots from tonight’s title change:

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