Eric Bischoff undergoing surgery

Feb 15, 2022 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff is going under the knife to get minor surgery done, as he revealed on his podcast.

During his latest 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff noted that he’s getting the producer done because he has a condition known as Dupuytren’s Contracture.

“I can’t extend my finger,” Bischoff revealed (per “This other one is getting the same thing. It’s called Dupuytren’s Contracture. What it is, is on the inside of my hand is a growth of tissue that forms on the tendon that controls your fingers. I had it on this hand. I had it operated on and you can see the scars. It’s common.”

Bischoff noted of the surgery, “They’re going to go in, open that up, and cut that growth off the tendons so that I can put my hands in a glove because right now it’s so bad, I can’t put a glove on. I’ve been putting this off. I should have done this a year and a half ago to be honest. I put it off and put it off and it wasn’t a problem. Now all of a sudden it’s wintertime and I can’t put my hand in a glove and I’m like, ‘F*ck that. I’m going to go in and have it cut out.’”

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