Brock Lesnar opens up in an hour-long interview with Pat McAfee

Feb 15, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

A very-relaxed and happy Brock Lesnar spent almost an hour yesterday talking with Pat McAfee during his show, wrecking havoc, “what’ing” the staff, and giving his honest opinion on everything that has been going on with him lately.

Lesnar, who rarely does these kind of interviews, started by breaking McAfee’s table and berated the Smackdown commentator for making $50 million yet purchasing a cheap ass table.

The former WWE champion described Vince McMahon as a father figure when he was asked if Dana White and Vince McMahon are the same. His relationship with Dana is different, and noted that he made a lot of money from him, made a lot of money for the UFC, and probably should have been paid a lot more too.

Lesnar said that he and Vince had a love/hate relationship over the years but it’s all good now and while he respects both men, he learned a lot more under Vince and was able to use those learnings while dealing with Dana.

He’s enjoying his current run and doesn’t need the money so he’s back because he loves doing what he does and admitted he still gets butterflies when performing and after a big stadium show he needs to go back home to calm down for a few days. He mentioned that his angle with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman is one of the favorite things at the moment.

Asked how long he will be able to wrestle for, Brock joked “as long as them dollar bills keep coming.” He’s financially set and has been smart with how he spends his income now after he went nearly bankrupt during his first run so it all boils down to how he feels physically and if he’s having fun.

The Beast Incarnate also discussed the younger generation and said someone needs to “step up” and be the man, get over, and put asses into seats. Brock’s advice was not to worry about their next high spot but figure out a way to be different, make money, and get over with the fans.

McAfee questioned Lesnar if he ever had a fan attack him like someone did to Seth Rollins last year. “I f*cking dare someone to,” Lesnar replied before standing up and destroying the microphone stand.

Prior to finishing his interview, Brock promoted the Elimination Chamber and did a whole “what” routine before sending the headphones flying to the ceiling in a hilarious moment that had everybody rolling.

Lesnar also congratulated McAfee on the excellent work he does on Smackdown and told him that he loves his commentary. Not a bad compliment!

You can see the whole interview which covers a variety of topics below.

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