Elimination Chamber 2022 nearly sold out

Feb 13, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Tickets for the Elimination Chamber at the Jeddah Super Dome are almost sold out with one week to go for the show. Regardless of how many tickets are sold, WWE still gets to take home approximately $50 million as that is how their 10-year contract with the Saudi GSA is laid out.

As of today, there are only three blocks left with available seats, two of which are labeled VVIP and one is VIP. The VVIP ringside tickets are selling for $240 while the VIP tickets, situated also at ringside but to the side of the entrance ramp, are around $95 each.

In total there were 33 sections opened up for sale but there’s no indication how many tickets went on sale originally or how many seats were configured in the setup. The Jeddah Super Dome can seat up to 35,000 fans.

Tickets are available at Ticketmx.com.

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