Chad Gable opens up about past frustrations in WWE

Feb 12, 2022 - by James Walsh

During an appearance on After The Bell, Chad Gable talked about possibly being part of the WWE Wrestlemania 38 card along with his tag team partner Otis…

“As it is with any superstar in WWE, your goal is to have that moment at WrestleMania, to get your match, and I’ve never come close to that. Not only have I not come close, there’s been years where I haven’t even been on, and that was last year and that was the year before. There’s almost nothing more frustrating and debilitating than peaking, because I still treat it like I would a big amateur wrestling tournament, like WrestleMania is our big one. I’ll get myself ready. I’ll get in better shape. I’ll mentally prepare better because it’s our big event. To do all that work every year and not have it pay off, or not feel like it paid off, is so frustrating. It’s almost like a mission this year to make it happen more than ever.” (quote courtesy of

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