Lita explains why she changed her mind on the WWE/Saudi relationship

Feb 11, 2022 - by James Walsh

Lita is set to compete at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia despite being in the past about WWE’s deal with the country, and she explained why in a new interview. The WWE Hall of Famer criticized the WWE/Saudi relationship back in 2018 due to the country’s history of being suppressive toward women, but as she told Ring the Belle, she’s spoken with women who have been there on WWE shows and been shown the impact of what it means to have women on the Saudi events.

“I was outspoken on the early relationship between WWE and Saudi,” Lita said (per Fightful). “‘They say they want women’s wrestling over there, I don’t know if I believe it, there are no women on this card.’ There are women on the card and I’ve talked to the women personally that have been over there and they are like, ‘It’s unbelievable. There are women crying, never thinking they would get to see two women be so strong in the ring. It’s really powerful, you’re going to enjoy that.’”

She continued, “Sure, do they have a long way to go? Do we, as a society, have a long way to go? Absolutely. You have to take the opportunities when they are there.”

Lita is set to battle Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber on February 19th in Jeddah. The show will also have a women’s Elimination Chamber match.

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