Jade Cargill on Ruby Soho: “she was a pleasure to work with”

Feb 10, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview on Talk Is Jericho, Jade Cargill discussed WWE wanting her to give up her outside projects to sign with the company, becoming the first AEW TBS Champion, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Cargill on WWE wanting her to give up her outside projects to sign with the company: “They wanted me to cut everything, and these were relationships that I’ve had previously before I even thought about wrestling that were like five, six, seven-year contracts that I just couldn’t say goodbye. Because if they choose to cut me? What am I going to do after? I would have to crawl back to these companies and ask, ‘Can I have that contract back?’ That’s not professional and that’s not okay. I literally made more money for my sponsorships and things that I did online than my contract they were giving me. I was like, ‘This doesn’t make sense, guys. Like, I have a kid, so unless you guys are going to compensate me, or give me some more money up here,’ which they did. They gave way more than a normal person and way more than my friends that were already signed for about a year or two, but it wasn’t enough.

“I was like, ‘You know, this is a dream. This is great. But I’m giving up so much for so little. Literally, this is going to cause problems in my household because I have to be on the road all the time. It’s not gonna be easy. I’m used to being the one at home and my spouse is used to traveling and now the roles are reversed. So now, that’s hard. Now I’m going to get the admiration. Meet me halfway.’ I get that, like, ‘Who am I?’ I get that. I don’t have any wrestling experience. I get that, but this is business. At the end of the day, this is a business. So what can you do for me because I know I’m going to do something for you. I’m going to sell tickets, but this is a 45 or 47-year-old company and they’re looking at me like, ‘Yeah, okay, so are you going to take the contract or not?”

On becoming the first AEW TBS Champion and learning from her match with Ruby Soho: “Next up was Ruby Soho, she was a pleasure to work with as well. Very easy, very experienced. It was a great match, it was a banger. The finish wasn’t the best finish that I would have loved to give everybody. It was more so me trying to push the button with going to the third rope, which she was like, ‘No, we are not doing this.’ I told her I was like, ‘Hey, if I feel it,’ because the thing about it, as soon as we got up there, we could have just went. It’s literally as soon as I get it, go. There wasn’t like a pause, you’ve just got to go. When she told me, ‘No,’ I was like, ‘Alright, one, two, go.’ Gave her the iggy and we were going. Whatever happened next, that’s just what happened next, but things happen. I am living and learning. I am literally learning after every match. I watched that match. It’s all on me, I take responsibility being that I am the heel and I call the match. I called that spot, and that was on me. Being that I am a leader and I am learning, and being that I have been put in a position to hold the belt, I plan to use that, run with it, and get better.”

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