Impact Report, 2/10/22

Feb 10, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8PM Eastern Time.

The show begins with a highlight package of W. Morrissey destroying everyone in his path backstage, from last week.  He was looking for Impact World Champion, Moose.  He found him at a hotel and beat him to a pulp.

The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander comes out in street clothes to address the crowd.  He addresses ROH invaders and says they are on his radar.  He also mentions the Impact World Title situation.  He says he is expected to fight for the integrity of the company, but Morrissey has nothing.  He says whomever comes out of No Surrender as champion, he will face.  Big Kon (formerly Konner from WWE) enters the arena.  They face off.  Josh says ring the bell.

Match 1.  Big Kon VS Josh Alexander

Kon goes right on the offensive, but Josh reverses a whip, Konner goes down and Alexander locks on a Ankle Lock and Kon tags out.

Winner.  Josh Alexander

Security and Scott D’Amore come down to stop Alexander from ripping Kon’s leg off.  He beats them up too.  Scott eventually gets the microphone and calms the situation.  Scott tells the story of how Josh and him met so many years ago, even his marriage.  He then brings up how he expected Josh to be the best wrestler and future World Champion.  Josh says all he wants is a match he deserves.  He says he didn’t even have time to put the belt on and his dream was over.  He says he will carry this company to heights it has never had before for his friends and especially family  Scott says everyone here wants that.  Josh says he is done with Scott’s process.  If he doesn’t get his re-match he will be a free agent.  Scott says he has no excuse and sends Josh home.  Josh says I am home and you will have to drag him out of the arena.  Scott says tip your hat and go home.  The fans boo.  Scott exits.  Alexander stands fuming in the ring.  He drops the mic and the segment ends.

Match 2.  Santana Garrett VS AAA and ROH Women’s World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Garrett is a seasoned vet.  She comes in ready to match hold for hold with Purrazzo.  After out working Purrazzo, Garrett reaches out for a hand shake.  Deonna kicks her hand in disgust.  They push each other into the ropes and Santana gets knocked to the floor.  We go to break.

Once back, we see Deonna in complete control.  She lays in a few stomps and then starts contorting Santana’s arm in painful directions.  Garrett breaks the hold and hits a clothesline and back spring elbow.   Garrett then hits a flip over cross-face.  Purrazzo gets free.  They trade kicks.  Purrazzo locks on the Koji clutch.  Garrett blocks a piledriver, but gets locked in on a vicious armbar.  Purrazzo then twists Garrett into a bridge pin and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Deonna Purrazzo

Jonathan Gresham is named the 5th team member since Josh Alexander is out for team Impact vs  Honor No More at No Surrender. 

Match 3.  Knockouts Champion Mickie James VS Chelsea Green

Tasha Steelz, the number one contender is on commentary for the match.  Green and James trade arm twists and basic scientific takedowns.  Neither are getting a clear advantage over the other.  James slips the ring and confronts Tasha outside.  Green hits a basement dropkick when Mickie wasn’t looking.  James counters back.  Green hits a back elbow.  James faceplants Green.  She then heads to the top, but misses and lands on her feet.  Green hits a big cutter.  Steelz takes exception at Green using her move.  Savanah Evens interferes on the outside.  The ref calls for the bell when Green gets knocked to the floor.

Winner by DQ.  Chelsea Green 

Raj Singe interrupts Bhupinder Gujjar during an interview segment.  BG is playing the face here and wants nothing to do with Raj and walks off.

Kaleb with a K is shown backstage with the Knockouts Tag Champs, The Inspiration.  They coerce Kaleb to take their picture.  Madison Rayne walks up furious.  She wants to know what this was all about.  Madison tells him he works for The Influence, not the Inspiration.  She walks off.

Bullet Club hits the ring.  Jay White, Chris Bey and the Guerillas of Destiny are in tow.  The Guerillas say they will beat The Good Brothers and take their belts.  White starts making fun of Violent By Design.  Eric Young, Deaner and Joe Doering head out to the ring and run down White and company.  He says everything in the arena is his.  White disagrees and says Bullet Club is always on top.  He then tells  he EYis not Jay White and never could be.  He says at No Surrender he can meet the real leader of the Bullet Club.  The two teams agree 9 days is too long.  They need a match next week.  White says why wait.  Lets do it now.  Just then The Good Brothers come out.  Karl says he is out in the arena so he can get the thank you they deserve.  They claim they are the reason for the Bullet Club’s success.  Tama gets the mic and makes fun of all the attempts they made to recreate the Bullet Club.  Tama then makes fun of them for getting fired.  They all stare each other down as the segment ends.

Jonathan Gresham is shown backstage laid out on the floor.

We flashback to last week and see Matt Cardona winning the Digital Media Championship.  We now see Cardona backstage with Gia Miller.  Matt says he earned the match for the DMC after he was screwed over in World Championship match with W. Morrissey and Moose.  He then says he is the reason the internet is the wrestling hotbed it is now.  He leaves saying he is always ready..

Match 4.  Honor No More, Matt Taven and Matt Bennett (with Maria Kanellis, Vincent and PCO) VS Rich Swann and Rhino (with Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin and Willie Mack)

Matt Taven starts the match with Rich Swann.  They go back and forth.  Swann take out Mike Bennett on the apron.  Both groups on the floor start to mix it up and PCO, Vincent, Sabin and Eddie are tossed from ringside.

Cary Silkin is once again at ringside.  Tavin and Bennett are working tandem moves on Swann to perfection.   Rhino is doing his best to cheer on Swann.  Bennett is jacked.  Wow he is in tremendous shape.  Taven tags in.  Swann hits a big kick to the head.  Rhino tags in and he takes out both ROH wrestlers until Maria puts chalk in his eyes.  Taven rolls Rhino up and gets the win.

Winners.. Honor No More

Bennett and Taven continue the onslaught post match.  Silkin begs Bennett and Taven to calm down.  They manhandle him, but Steve Maclin comes out to make the save.  Rhino recovers and Gore’s Bennett.

Maclin asks to be part of the Impact contingent vs Honor No More at No Surrender.  Eddie says no way.  Sabin says let him join and Rhino agrees.  Eddie fist pumps Maclin and the 5th member has now been chosen.

Giselle Shaw is interviewed by Gia backstage.  She made her first appearance earlier on BTI, interrupting Lady Frost.  Shaw says she is the spotlight.  Frost can deal with it.

Main Event.  Match 5.  Brian Myers (with the Learning Tree) VS W. Morrissey

Zicky Dice is mauled by Morrissey in this no DQ match.  VSK makes a difference and Morrissey goes down.  W. Morrissey tosses Dice through a table.  Myers and VSK prop Morrissey on a table, but W gets free, slams Myers on the apron and chokeslams VSK threw the table.

Back from break, W is smacking Myers with some kind of metal sign.  Myers gets a kendo stick and smashes W on the back and head with it.  Myers gets W back in the ring for a quick 1 count.  Myers goes back on the offensive with the stick.  He then uses it for a side Russian leg sweep.  Myers then uses a trash can lid a few times across the forehead.  Myers then ties W to the ropes with tape.  Brian has the stick again and W is totally helpless.  He has welts and abrasions all over his back and arms.  Myers grabs a couple trash cans.  He uses the can again and then goes to work with the can.  Myers is ruthless with the pounding of the can against the back and head of W.  Myers then goes Coast to Coast and kicks the can into Morrissey.  W is untied by Myers so he can pin him.  W kicks out and now is free.  Morrissey hits a big clothesline and goes crazy on Myers.  He splashes him repeatedly, then uses the kendo stick.  Myers then gets powerbombed.  The fans ask for another.  W smiles and goes under the ring for a bag.  It looks like he has tacks.  He dumps them on the mat.  He then powerbombs Myers on the tacks two times more and gets the pin.

Winner.  W. Morrissey

Moose attacks W. Morrissey from behind.  W lands hard on some of the tacks.  Moose retrieves a chair and jams the chair into W’s throat.  Moose pulls him from the ring and wraps the chair around his neck.  Moose then takes another chair and slams it so it drives into the neck.  Morrissey crumbles and Moose hits him one more time across the back as the show ends.




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