Adam Scherr explains the “Awakening” name for upcoming Control Your Narrative cards

Feb 10, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“People have been wanting to label us as a faction and that’s not what we are, we’re a vision. This is an Awakening and trying to make wrestling what it used to be. Wrestling was built on the landscape of monsters, giants, immortals, and things like that. Character-based where you invest in characters and not ’50/50 booking, let’s fill three hours of time, I got my favorites, let’s do this because the sponsors want it.’ We’re going to tell stories people can get invested in and people can look at these characters, lean on these characters and their trials and tribulations in life that help them get through things they have going on in life. It’s an opportunity to be a throwback in an era where you have to adapt and overcome and keep up with whatever the status quo is in the world going on. I think wrestling never really needed to adapt to a lot of that stuff.

Yeah, some of the stuff maybe needed to be cleaned up because let’s be real, some of the stuff that was done back in the day, well, that’s why it was back in the day. 2022, moving forward with the idea, social media is such a powerful tool and not needing that so-called big financial behind us to actually do something and portray some of the world that we actually believe in. It’s really cool that it gives the talent the power and opportunity in their own hands to control their narrative. It’s an opportunity for us to go out with our friends, peers, loved ones, and do what we love, and taking people on an emotional journey with us. It’s an awakening. I want everyone who partakes in this to be our foot soldiers and leading the march into the future of what we’re trying to do and that’s change the industry.”

source: Fightful

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