Tony Khan hypes tonight’s “huge signing” and “big reveal” on Dynamite

Feb 9, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

In comments given to Sports Illustrated, AEW President Tony Khan said that tonight’s mystery arrival who will enter the proverbial forbidden door is a “huge signing” for AEW.

“I have created some debate about what it means to open the ‘Forbidden Door,’ and that’s what we are going to do on this show,” Khan said. “The fans are going to get a great night of wrestling, and I hope everyone is surprised and comes back for the matches this sets up.”

Whomever is arriving tonight will also set up this week’s Rampage, whatever that may mean.

“It’s going to be a big reveal on Dynamite. It sets up this week’s Rampage and puts a lot of irons in our fire. We have created an environment in AEW where people routinely expect great wrestling matches, and we have the wrestlers to live up to those high expectations,” Khan continued.

He said that he is continually looking to improve the AEW roster by bringing in new stars and create fresh matches, something that he often criticized WWE for repeating the same matches over and over again.

“We now have such a strong roster of wrestlers under contract that we can put fresh, exciting matches on Dynamite every Wednesday on TBS and Rampage on TNT,” Khan said.

6 Responses

  1. art123guy says:


    But seriously, it’s probably the Briscoes.

  2. Pisto75666 says:

    Knowing AEW’s record for hiring ex WWE talent (and pretending like they DON’T do exactly that), it’s probably Shane.

  3. Motorhead says:

    I have one question: Who is out there that anyone aside from the keyboard marks knows? That’s AEW’s issue right now, at least to me. That had a chance to build something with all new faces but instead are slowly pushing the *cough* “AEW Originals” out for popcorn fart moments like this. It would be nice for them to focus on the roster they currently have, which is great, and not keep looking to the outside to boost their numbers and earn a cheap headline. It’s cheap heat to keep doing what they’re doing. In the end, as ECW and TNA proved, the surprises wear thin after a while and the only ones who end up caring are the biggest of the marks. There aren’t 5 million of those walking around. What Khan needs to do is realize that the money isn’t in the niche audience he’s been able to galvanize, that’s a BASE. And a shallow one at that. Mid-South Wrestling, WCW, and WWF/E proved that reaching beyond the base, by telling innovative, episodic stories, is the way to actually grow the brand. The only way to make the tent bigger is to make the tent bigger, and you can’t do that if the same few fans are coming to the circus. We need AEW to succeed, as fans, but this isn’t 1996 anymore. The ECW marks, which took the business a helluva lot less seriously than the diehard AEW marks do, aren’t around anymore. AEW isn’t making the sandbox bigger or better, they’re just having a tantrum in the corner; a hissy fit for attention. They don’t need to build matches for THIS FRIDAY, they need to build matches for AUGUST and NOVEMBER! Say what you want about Lesnar and Rousey winning the Rumble this year, how it kept a young guy from elevating (which is crap because young guys are rising all over both RAW and Smackdown on a weekly basis), but WWE is close to selling out Jerry World for two straight nights while AEW, with a killer roster but niche base, brags about 4,000 fans. One is playing chess while other is playing with itself. So I ask again: WHO IS OUT THERE?! It isn’t going to be Shane. That’s just stupid thinking for giddy, silly schoolgirl marks. Let’s face it, if DANIEL BRYAN and CM PUNK didn’t move the needle all that much AEW could have Edge arrive and not get much more than a demo markout from TBS and two weeks worth of hotshot ratings. This BS is getting old and it’s getting sad. Wrestling and it’s fans deserve something better than this crap right now. A little respect for the craft of wrestling would be a good start. At least WWE respects the story and has an eye towards the eventual finish, even with the childish embarrassing crap. Most marks can’t see it, but they do. That was WCW’s problem, building arcs and stories and not knowing how to pay them off to keep the fans coming back for more. Remember the nWo? Remember the big WCW/nWo blow-off that set all the PPV and TV ratings records? … yeah, neither do I… Seems AEW is falling into the same trap. We need and deserve better than this. That’s my thought.

  4. Mike Oxmaul says:

    hmmm… I wonder which ex-WWE talent this will be..

  5. Luke says:

    Gotta disagree with you on one thing. The diehard AEW marks don’t take the business seriously, they’re too stupid to understand it. What they take seriously is themselves and their darlings (who don’t take the business seriously either). And those darlings are what’s holding the company back.

    And dude, from one Motorhead fan to another, please use paragraphs…

  6. Stonz says:

    It’s either Lee or the Briscoes – my guess. Could be Hardy, but I doubt it if he can’t wrestle Friday. I think it’s great his drug test came back negative after everyone condemned him for having a relapse, and then he didn’t. It will definitely NOT be Shane lol.

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