Note on production change at NXT taping

Feb 9, 2022 - by Staff

A new production technique was used for last night’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode.

Fans in attendance noted that WWE had a camera man in the ring during matches. PWInsider notes that the camera operator entered from the apron, and stood in the ring and filmed while the wrestlers were performing, with the talents working around the camera.

WWE reportedly experimented with the new production technique for just some of the matches on last night’s NXT, including The Creed Brothers vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans, but not all. It was also noted that the camera man did not stay in the ring for the full match as they were in & out at various points.

There’s no word on if this is a permanent change, or if it’s something they’re also considering for the main roster. WWE already had camera operators film from inside the ring for various interviews and segments, but this is the first we’ve heard of NXT wrestlers being forced to work around the camera while matches are going on.

Stay tuned for more.

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