Becky Lynch responds to Ric Flair

Feb 9, 2022 - by James Walsh

Ric Flair and Becky Lynch are at it again, as Flair took issue with Lynch’s nickname for Ronda Rousey and Lynch had a response. As you probably know, Flair has been at odds with Lynch for a while now, notably over WWE’s use of “The Man” for her character as well as Lynch’s public feud with Charlotte Flair. Ric stoked his feud with Lynch back up on his latest Wooo Nation Uncensored Nation podcast, when he criticized Lynch’s referring to Rousey as “Ronnie.”

“She’s not Ronnie,” Flair said (per Fightful). “She’s Ronda Rousey. Anybody stupid enough to call her ‘Ronnie’ and make a joke of her presence and what she brings to the company is out of her mind, aka, as an example, what is her name now? Big Time Becks. ‘Hey Ronnie, welcome back.’ Wow, that’s exciting. That’s really exciting. How about, ‘thank you Ronda for showing up because I’m not The Man anymore, I’m generic…’ Big Time Becks, the Lass Kicker, I don’t know.”

Lynch, never one to avoid responding to a shot from Flair, posted to Twitter to comment. She wrote:

““Work so hard your heroes become your rivals. Then, become so good, Ric Flair loses his mind every time you breathe”- Becky Lynch – February 2022”

3 Responses

  1. Mackdeezy says:

    I’m not fond of Becky’s current run, but why does Flair LOVE that “Old man yelling at cloud” act?

  2. TrollBuster says:

    I still think it’s funny, that somebody like Ric Flair, whose daughter is just a female copy of him and barely has own stuff, is calling somebody generic…

    Old man yells at cloud and is just pissed that there’s somebody more over than his female copy.

  3. James from the Sewer says:

    I’m indifferent on Becky Lynch… but that response was pretty great.

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