B-Fab on a potential feud with AEW’s The Acclaimed

Feb 8, 2022 - by James Walsh

During a virtual signing with East Coast Autographs former WWE star B-Fab spoke about a Hit Row reunion, and what she thinks about a potential feud against AEW’s Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, better known as The Acclaimed. Highlights are below.

Says her biggest dream is that Hit Row gets back together:

That is my biggest dream is that we [Hit Row] come back together and show up somewhere. I don’t know where, but if we can all come together and you know, debut again somewhere else or with a company, I would be super excited.

On a feud with AEW’s The Acclaimed:

Mhm, that’d be a hot feud. That would be a hot feud [Hit Row vs. The Acclaimed]. We had so many ideas and everything for Hit Row. I just really wish we would have been able to show everybody everything that we could’ve done. But it is what it is.

How she would love to team with Bianca Belair if she returned to WWE:

Definitely Bianca [Belair is who I would want to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with]. I think we’d tear the house down as a tag team. Honestly, we’d be definitely amazing together.

Says Triple H loved the name B-Fab:

Oh man, it took a while to come up with this name. I threw them a ton of names and it just came down to Triple H really liked the name ‘B-FAB’ so we have to go with what your boss likes, you know? They had a lot of different names that we went through to get that name but, I ended up really enjoying having that name too because I was able to come up with a ton of catchphrases as well.

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