Jake Roberts tells the story of being too over in his program with Hulk Hogan

Feb 6, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“He looks out, Hogan’s waiting for the people to start chanting. The people did. They started chanting, ‘DDT, DDT’. And Vince went, ‘you’re screwed’. ‘What do you mean I’m screwed?’ He goes, ‘that’s not what we want. So they gave us a couple of shots, they sent us to Portland, Maine, sold out, set the record. Went to Montreal, sold out when it hadn’t been sold out in years there before. Sold it out, turned them away, no cameras. Here’s what happened in the matches. ‘DDT, DDT’.

Vince says, ‘that’s it, no more’. ‘What do you mean no more, we’re sold out, we turned away people’. He goes, ‘I don’t give a damm, that’s not what it’s about’. How much better can you get than a sellout? The WWE didn’t care about sellouts. It’s all about marketing, that’s where the money’s at. Vince used to say he didn’t give a shit how many people came to the building.”

source: DDP Snake Pit

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