Alexa Bliss was never planned for the Royal Rumble

Feb 6, 2022 - by James Walsh

Fightful Select has released a new report regarding top women’s division star Alexa Bliss, and what WWE has planned for the former five-time women’s champion.

Bliss sort of returned to WWE back in January, with the company releasing a couple of vignettes on Raw of Bliss receiving treatment to “cure” the Fiendish persona she’s had over the past year. Reports are that roughly nine of these segments have been filmed.

There is some speculation as to whether WWE will continue to release the segments one at a time, or if they will double-up to progress her storyline faster. Regardless, the publication adds that this was the long-term plan for Bliss and that she was at no point factored into the creative for the Royal Rumble.

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