AEW headed to CT, plus notes on Riddle, Laredo Kid, and AEW on YouTube

Feb 6, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Laredo Kid has signed with IMPACT Wrestling.

The former AAA star confirmed the news in interviews with both Darren Paltrowitz and Lucha Libre Online.

– While speaking on Mark Andrews’ My Love Letter to Wrestling Podcast, Riddle revealed that teaming up Pete Dunne in NXT was originally set to be a one-off deal but things just escalated and the BroserWeight ended up winning the Dusty Cup and NXT Tag Team Championships. He said “Yeah, we weren’t supposed to. I didn’t even know I was teaming with Pete until they do, ‘hey, Matt, can you cut a promo saying you how you and Pete met and became a team?’ And I was like, ‘we’re a team?’ And they’re like, ‘yeah.’ And I made up some story where I was like, ‘yeah,’ and I bring it up to Pete and I was like, ‘Pete, you’re a Bruiserweight, I’m a bro. Dusty Cup. Let’s do this. We wrestled, I don’t even know if we were supposed to beat you guys {Subculture} and then they’re like, ‘yeah, you’re actually going to win this round and lose the next round,’ and we’re like, ‘okay’. Then the next round, they’re like, ‘yeah, you’re actually going to win this round too and go into the finals.’ And we’re like, ‘alright.’”

– Congratulations All Elite Wrestling on reaching 3 million YouTube Subscribers …

– 30 minutes away from WWE headquarters…

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