Peter Avalon says he’s still with AEW

Feb 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Denise Salcedo (via Wrestling Inc and Fightful), Peter Avalon confirmed that he is still with AEW, but he’s currently taking outside bookings. Here are highlights:

On his AEW status:

“AEW original Pretty Peter Avalon is still with AEW. So that’s it. I am able to take outside bookings, just opening up my portfolio I guess.”

On pitching ideas to get on Rampage and Dynamite:

“Of course I want it, and we have pitched things, I think the Wingmen are perfect for Dynamite and Rampage, and of course I think I am perfect for any kind of television… so of course I want to be on it, we’ve pitched things of course. But we’re there, we’re ready, we’re able and capable and ready. I know how it works, I know what the business is and it’s a wild time in the business. Tony has got a lot of new toys that he wants to play with and feature on his shelf so yeah I’ll get mine.”

On playing the Librarian:

“With the ‘Librarian’ stuff, they gave me a character that was nothing like I’ve ever done before. So while everyone was doing something that they had done for 10-15 years, their own act on the independents. They kinda just brought it onto a national stage. I was given something unique and something I’ve never done before. So I was in an interesting situation where I am not bringing something that I’ve already established and built to the table. I am kinda having to get my reps and my takes and my trial and error on national television and on Dark and everything. I feel I had a situation unlike everybody else there. Like, everybody came in with something. So I had to begin something very unique… I am glad they trusted me to be in that unique situation and it’s nice that they are still trusting me to do something that is more myself. It was very challenging, very challenging because I was not given much information about it. There wasn’t much hashed out about the character. This was all Tony’s idea and I ran with whatever little information I had… there were times where I was like ‘Damn what am I going to do? What am I gonna say?’ Nobody was throwing us ideas or giving us anything. When you don’t hear anything you kinda just gotta do it yourself.”

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