Killer Kross: “Currently the highlight of my career has been my entire run in NXT”

Feb 5, 2022 - by James Walsh

Former two-time NXT champion Killer Kross recently spoke about his time in WWE during a virtual signing with Highspots, where he called his time on the yellow-and-black brand the best run of his career. Highlights are below.

Says his entire NXT run was the highlight of his career thus far:

“Currently the highlight of my career has been my entire run in NXT. Just the entire period of it. I know a lot of people, because they express it to me like almost every day, they were really pissed about what happened with the main roster transition and the whole run and run all that. But for anyone who needs to hear this on my behalf out there, for me personally, I had this idea since I was a little kid and it changed and developed and expanded about the presentation I wanted to do on TV for you guys. And when I was permitted to do it in NXT, it worked.

Coming to NXT during the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak:

“And that for me, personally as a human being, was an amazing thing to have a concept, an idea that I’ve been sitting on since I was a little kid. And as I grew up, it developed, and to have that opportunity to go on TV and show that to you guys, especially during the darkest time in human history, probably since the 40s. To be able to provide relief and entertain you guys during a really horrible period for all of us, it was honestly a really huge pleasure and honor. And I feel personally fulfilled over everything I did at NXT and I really don’t lose any sleep on how this all played out.”

Says a lot of people were pissed on his behalf for his main roster run:

“Well I won’t throw anyone under the bus. It’s not my nature. I never will. But I mean, everyone was pissed on my behalf. Like all the boys when they were about that, they were like ‘what are they doing, what the f-ck? What are they doing?’ And I had some people above me, they’re like ‘hey, they’re probably testing you. They’re trying to f-ck with you, just don’t sell it.’ Honestly, that was the day that I signed my main roster contract, and everyone who was being ideas about the outfits and all that stuff to me, like management. They seemed really enthusiastic about it. So I was just like, I don’t know. I just, I’m very old school. Like it’s not my show. I’ve never had a problem putting anybody over. And sure, I did feel out of place. Yeah, all of it felt very out of place and very strange, but my whole thing is I’m going to make the best of whatever they’re going to give me and hope for the best. All you can do is hope is that you’re met with the same certain enthusiasm you have going forward with it. I gave it my best. I Never dragged my feet about it, never complained about it. I just gave my honest feedback about it and, it’s unfortunate where we landed. But you know, at the same time I said, I feel very fulfilled and very fortunate.”

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