Impact Wrestling Report, 2/3/22

Feb 3, 2022 - by Scott Porter

\Match 1. Digital Media Championship Match. Matt Cardona VS Jordynne Grace (Champion)
Grace and Cardona start the match slow. The match is an even back and forth. Grace is holding her own very well. Cardona has a look on his face that shows he is embarrassed. Cardona hits a huge reboot and gets a two count but Grace kicks out. Cardona uses a chair on the outside and then hits radio silence and picks up the win to become the new champion. The fans are booing Cardona, who seems to love the jeers.
Winner and new champion. Matt Cardona

Backstage W Morrissey is shown beating everyone on site.. We go to break…

Scott D’Amore is shown calming down W. Morrissey. D’Amore tells him Moose is at a hotel. W. says perfect and walks off.

Match 2. Jonah VS Crazzy Steve (with Decay)
Steve sneaks behind and locks on a sleeper. Jonah slips out and slams Steve on his back. Jonah overpowers Steve with power moves. He then hits a splash off the top and gets the pin.
Winner. Jonah
Post match, Black Taurus confronts Jonah to set up a new feud.

Kaleb is shown with Madison Rayne backstage. Madison cuts Kaleb’s rant off about how they were almost champions. The Influence walks in and hands a present to Kaleb and walks off. Madison stairs off in disbelief.

Match 3. ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham VS Steve Maclin non title

There is no code of honor to start the match. Maclin attacks Gresham. There is no regard for ROH rules here. That could cost Maclin. Gresham and Maclin trade go behinds. Gresham hits a back suplex. Gresham works of Maclin with a series of headlocks. We go to break.
Maclin is now in control and hits a series of backbreakers. Maclin then knee drops the back of Gresham two teams with leaping blows. Gresham tosses Maclin to the floor in defense. Maclin re-enters and connects with a forearm that breaks up the pin in the rope. Maclin ties up Gresham in the ropes and hits him repeatedly until the ref dq’s him.

WInner by DQ.. Jonathan Gresham

Maclin continues to work on Gresham post match. The ROH Invaders hit the ring and destroy Maclin. Matt Tavin, PCO, Maria Kenellis and Mike Bennett are among the invaders. Josh Alexander walks out to the ramp and stares down Gresham. He will face Vincent next.

Match 4. Vincent (with Honor No More) VS Josh Alexander

Tavin is active on the outside trying to help Vincent. Alexander goes on the offensive right away and does a series of suplexes and does a basement crossbody to knock Vincent to the floor. Maria interferes and Josh gets knocked to the floor. Vincent attacks Josh on the outside and slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Vincent hits a back suplex. Carey Silkin is at ringside watching. Vincent locks on a rear chinlock. Josh gets to his feet, but takes a knee and back elbow. Vincent then locks on a guillotine. Josh counters into a suplex. Both struggle to get to their feet. They trade blows, Josh wins that series. Josh hits a German for a count of two. Vincent reverses a C4 to a backdrop. Then he hits a Russian leg sweep. Vincent then hits a senton for a two count. Josh gets to the corner and to his feet. Matt locks on an Ankle lock. Tavin and PCO get on the apron. Josh knocks them all down. Maria then distracts Josh and Vincent nearly gets a roll up pin. Impact roster members enter and begin brawling on the floor. Swann, Rhino and Sabin make an impact. Josh locks on the ankle lock again and gets Vincent to tap.

Winner. Josh Alexander
Kenny King enters and sidewalk slams Josh before he can be stopped.

W. Morrissey is shown walking the hotel floor. He kicks in a door and begins pummelling Moose who is unsuspecting inside. He smashes his head with a fridge door and we go to break.

The ROH contingent are backstage cutting a promo. Kenny King is the highlight saying ROH lied to them. There is no honor. That is why they are there.

Match 5. John Skyler VS Bhupin Dergujj

John Skyler is all over Boo . Bhupin starts a comeback and hits a springboard elbow for a two count. He is a big guy that can fly. Skyler then takes a boot to the face. Bhupin then hits a spear for the win.

Winner Bhupin

Raj Singh enters and tries to befriend the newcomer, but he will have nothing to do with it and leaves.

We get a Royal Rumble highlight of Mickie James. They actually are showing match footage and her entrance. She is interviewed backstage. James says it was a fantastic night and representing Impact was an honor. Tasha Steelz and Savanna Evans enter. Tasha taunts the champion and mocks her. Tasha says she will win the championship and mentions Mickie’s son’s name. Mickie tells her to wrestle half as good as she runs her mouth. Chelsea Green enters and challenges Steelz and Evans to a tag match. Mickie thanks Chelsea and says for being a friend, she will give her a match next week. They hug and we go to break.

We get a highlight package for Gisele Shaw.

Match 6. Masha Slamovich VS Kaci Lennox

Slamovich looks like the Bride of Frankenstien. She destroys Kaci with a Russian Death Device and it is over in less than a minute.

Winner Masha Slamovich

Gia Miller interviews ROH and AAA Women’s World CHampion, Deonna Purrazzo. She slams Mickie James. She says she will regain her Impact Knockouts Champion again. She runs down all her Impact accomplishments. She then issues an open challenge for either of her World Championships. She will face anyone who wants a shot next week.

Match 7. Bullet Club (Chris Bey, The Guerillas of Destiny, (Tama Tonga and Tangaloa) and Jay White) VS Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Madman Fulton and Jake Something

Jake is seemingly on his own with his teammates. We will watch that closely. Bailey and White start off, but White sneaks over to Bey and tags him in. The two exchange flips around the ring and arm drags. Jay tags back in and stomps Bailey. Quick tags to both the brothers of the Bullet Club and then Bey tags back in. Bailey hits a big drop kick. Fulton forcefully tags himself in when Bailey tries to tag Something. Fulton manhandles Bey and the fight goes to the outside. Madman is in complete control. He slams Bey on the apron violently and we go to break.

Back to action, Ace is in the ring and he gets a two count off a suplex. Fulton tags in and puts on a dangling sleeper on the 2nd rope until the ref stops it. Ace and Fulton then double team Ace with a wicked Austin sidekick. Ace is now the legal man again. Bey ducks a kick and hits a superman forearm. This is his opening to make a tag. Ace dives on Ace and drags him to his corner. Fulton tags in,
but Bey ducks a splash in the corner. Ace back in now. Bailey and Fulton want in. Bailey and Jay tag in. He hits a back elbow, but eats machine gun kicks. Jay recovers and hits a massive sidewalk slam. Bailey hits a sidekick and tries to tag Something and Ace steals the tag. Tama tags in and chops Ace to the floor and clears the apron. Fulton sneaks back in and chokeslams him. The Guerillas come in and hit a Magic Killer for two. Message to the Good Brothers. They then hit a tandem twisting reverse DDT on Ace. Bey hits massive Frog Splash, but Ace gets a knee in the way. Ace takes a knee and stumbles back to Jake who tags himself in. He clears the ring and spears Bey. The entire Bullet Club enters and works him over next. Nobody will help Jake. Bey hits the Element of Finesse and he gets the pin.

Winners. Bullet Club
They celebrate in the ring.

Violent by Design and The Good Brothers attack the Bullet Club from behind. There is chaos in the Impact Zone as the show ends.

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