The former Mojo Rawley announces return following months of health issues

Jan 31, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Dean Muhtadi, better known to wrestling fans as Mojo Rawley, announced on his social media that he’s coming back to professional wrestling after 19 months of hell with coronavirus.

“Around 19 months ago I got COVID extremely badly and had to go to the hospital, almost died, and my lungs were really in bad shape,” Muhtadi said in a video. He said that he couldn’t have any pressure on his lungs and could not speak for days on end because he couldn’t get air in. He noted that above all this, the scariest part was doctors not knowing what to do or tell him because COVID was still new back then.

“Fast forward 19 months later, and I’m not quite at 100%, but I’m getting pretty close,” he continued. “My training has been kicked up and I’m feeling good enough to announce officially that I’m coming back to wrestling baby!”

He said that COVID thought it got him but it must’ve forgot that he stays hyped!

The former 24/7 champion was released from his WWE deal in April of last year after having not appeared on television for almost a year due to his condition.

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