WWE morale reportedly low at Royal Rumble

Jan 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

A new report says that moral was not good backstage at the Royal Rumble due to the constant changes made to the Rumble matches over the past week. PWInsider reports that several sources in the company noted that they were frustrated over the number of times changes were made; as previously reported, the men’s Rumble by itself was changed 20 times during the days leading up to the show.

PWInsider notes that the women’s Rumble had the same experiences and that it led to a very frustrating day for the talent involved regarding all the tweaks and changes, which led to a confusing mix of things that needed to be remembered or forgotten about. Vince McMahon, as usual, was deeply involved in every aspect of the show including the Rumble matches.

One talent, who asked to remain anonymous, told the site, “We were all in a whirlwind. Just as you had your role and spots down, everything started over and over and now most of us were back to square one. It changed again and again and again. It wasn’t an easy night even before we hit the ring.”

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  1. Chatty One says:

    Vince flipping everything around remains one of WWE’s biggest problems because it easily screws up longterm plans and annoys the talent. But overall, the product they put on wasn’t bad. It was nice to see the end tied into a storyline. It was nice to see lots of tag teams in the match given how badly they get neglected as of late. It was nice to relax on all the NXT additions to the match for a year when you knew they’d be very different by the time they got to the main roster. I’d hope by next year an NXT rumble appearance means the wrestler moves up and doesn’t get a character makeover in the process.

    But im not surprised it triggered the hell out of the internet fanboys. Catering to them is what lead to everything going downhill in the first place. At some point you gotta risk having shows that tick them off if it leads to something that’ll attract more people. But the problem is will Vince screw up some of the interesting things from the Rumble this week? He very well may.

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