Notes on Shelton Benjamin and Michelle McCool

Jan 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

Michelle McCool returned to the ring at the Royal Rumble, and she talked about enlisting the Undertaker’s help in preparing for the bout. McCool, appeared on WWE’s The Bump and talked about training with Undertaker and more. You can see highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On training with Undertaker for the match: “Oh, gosh, it has been a lot of training. It was kind of nice, though, to be able to put my husband on the, you know, ‘You’ve got to come train with me, whether you like it or not.’ Trained as normal, because normally it was the opposite with him getting ready, but there’s been a lot of training, a lot of discipline, a little tired. Like you said, I had a birthday… gotten older, so things have not gotten easier, but thankfully I kind of stay ready, so I don’t have to get too ready.”

On how training is different for the Royal Rumble: “You know, you can ask anybody, just being in the ring… ring training is different than anything. You can do as much cardio as you want, can do as much strength training as you want, you can hit as many things as you want, but once you walk out and have all that adrenaline, and you have all the girls, it’s just a whole different ballgame.”

Shelton Benjamin isn’t ready to retire from the ring:

“I don’t have an expiration date. You look at guys like Goldberg, how old is he? Way older than me. We work a very different style, but father time knows no style. It will be years before I consider retiring. Barring anything catastrophic, I’ve still got a few good years of high-level wrestling.”

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  1. art123guy says:

    “You look at guys like Goldberg, how old is he? Way older than me.” I’m sure Shelton has many years left, but 10 years isn’t way older.

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