News on Ronday Rousey and Natalya

Jan 30, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– Royal Rumble winner Ronda Rousey has been announced for tomorrow night’s Raw…

Natalya got a bump on her head during last night’s women’s Rumble and shared a pic online:

5 Responses

  1. Motorhead says:

    Oh, it’s her forehead. I thought it was her lips.

  2. What? says:

    No, it’s her forehead that’s made of steel. Her lips are made of silicone and hyaluronic acid.

  3. Michael Vincent says:

    Her forehead is made of steel. Her lips, however, are made of botox. Dana Brooke syndrom.

  4. Adam says:

    Yeah. Why do women do that? She was a very pretty woman… now she absolutely lucks like a fake duck.

  5. Luke says:

    Because most women are idiots.
    And before I get some moron accusing me of misogyny: most men are idiots too, but that doesn’t apply here.

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