Lita discusses WWE not making her Rumble appearance a surprise

Jan 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

The latest guest on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast was WWE Hall of Famer Lita, who promoted last evening’s Royal Rumble matchup and discussed all things pro-wrestling, including her response to critics saying that legends should not be taking the spots of regulars. Highlights are below.

On her entrance not being a surprise:

“That was a really interesting choice, right? Because one of the big things with the Rumble are the surprises,” Lita said. “When you see that countdown, you don’t know who is coming out, even if you know who it might be, so there’s still that surprise element. But I was kind of like, ‘really? Okay, we are announcing ahead of time. But then, you get ahead of the rumors, because you know it’s going to get out anyway somehow. Then getting to share my training experience and watch how engaged the fans are, cheering me on saying, they’re rooting for me, and they’re excited to see me get back in the ring. It definitely builds my confidence more.”

On the complains of legends taking spots of regulars in WWE:

“There’s people coming in for one night or a short time, it’s to build and to mix. And to get old generations that maybe fell out of wrestling to pop back in, and now they’re up. For the current roster not to see it that way is shortsighted, right? Let these people that have come in and paved the way spark energy, maybe bring some of their old fans back,” she said. “Then we will take off and leave them there with you, now the balls in your hands to pull these extra fans onboard.”

Who she hopes to clash with at the Rumble:

“In the Rumble, you get to have these mini-matches with different generations and people that you might not get to see in the mix. Bianca is someone that I’ve had my eye on and gotten to watch her ever since her tryout,” she said. “So to be able to get in the ring with her. Charlotte, in a weird twist of events even though she’s the champ, getting in there. So to get to touch today’s top stars, it’s cool. Just to have a little moment, and those fans remember those moments too.”

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