Bella Twins comment on participating in Women’s Royal Rumble match

Jan 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

Bella Twins took to social media to share their thoughts on the women’s Royal Rumble match at last night’s WWE PPV. Nikki and Brie Bella posted to their respective Instagram accounts to comment on making their in-ring returns in the match, as you can see below.

Nikki Bella wrote:

“Yesterday was absolutely magical for me! Competing in the ring with women I have never competed with before and competing against some I have. It was so FUN! Loved having such special moments! Reunion with my Total Divas!! Walking the halls with Barbie like the old days as if we have never missed a beat, having a Team Bella reunion! Sorry Foxy Bad Nikki kicked it in lol Having a moment with the incredible Bianca Belair was such a highlight, as you all know I root hard for her! Brie and I ruining a beautiful Riott Squad reunion… Bad Nikki couldn’t stop ha! And had to give them the L’s one more time! Getting to create magic with my Nattie Girl, my day 1 OG 4 life and the icon herself, Lita! Then hearing Ronda’s music and immediately wanting revenge (and maybe wanting to hide ha) to then having a very short lived amazing tag team moment with the other Nikki, Nikki A.S.H., wow she makes me smile! She may be better off with Brie though lol bc we got our butts kicked but goodness it was fun! And never would I have ever thought that my Brie Mode would have taken my opportunity away from a championship match at WrestleMania! What can I say, Paybacks a Bitch! Lol Good for you Brie! I know you have waited YEARS for that! Birdie though did make sure that she said sorry to Dodo! First thing she said to Brie! Ha love my Bird!! Grateful to be apart of truly inspirational and empowering women! Never stop supporting women’s wrestling! It takes a lot of voices beyond the ring to help us continue to have change and fight for more! To continue to give you moments that 30 women did last night! Hope to see the tag championships, I mean you all again soon! Lol As always, BELLA ARMY! No one does it like you! WE LOVE YOU! And can’t do what we do without you!! BELLA ARMY 4 LIFE!!! — #fearlessnikki”

Brie wrote on her post:

“BrieMode showed up last night! —
I might not of won but my daughter told me I’m the coolest SuperHero so that makes me feel like I won!! —-
Even though she likes @wwenikkiash more! ——
Always feels good coming home to @wwe
Love you #BellaArmy —
You are always making this girl feel on fire!!! —
Ps….. my favorite moment was getting Nikki out!!!!!!!

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