Notes on Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch

Jan 29, 2022 - by James Walsh

Becky Lynch has set some big goals for 2022, as she noted in a recent interview. The Raw Women’s Champion spoke with Fox News to promote the Royal Rumble, and you can see some highlights below:

On her goals for 2022:

“I want to make sure that this year I have better matches than I had last year. And this year I get people talking more than I did last year. It’s just constantly wanting to elevate, one myself, and two, this business and the women that are going to follow after me.”

On her ‘The Man’ moniker:

“When it’s time for The Man to come back around, The Man will come back around. Big Time Becks is what we’re going with now. But we own that. Just so you know that.”

Brock Lesnar body slammed Jackass star Wee Man through a table at a restaurant in St. Louis last night.

Footage obtained by TMZ shows Lesnar picking up the 4-foot TV personality and stunt performer Jason Acuna and then slamming him through a table, breaking the glasses in the process, as Johnny Knoxville laughs in the background.

It was all in fun and games though as Wee Man then laughed and celebrated with Knoxville as the rest of the Jackass crew laughed. Knoxville then is seen shaking hands with Lesnar and Lesnar hugs him. Apparently it was Knoxville who came up with the idea as then he’s seen telling his friends, while still laughing, that he told Lesnar to slam him through the table.

“And he did! He did,” Knoxville said while recounting what happened.

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  1. TrollBuster says:

    Ohhh if Ric Flair hears about Becky and WWE owning The Man, he will propably yell at a cloud again and then have a heart attack…

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