Reigns says he still feels the effects of coronavirus

Jan 27, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Universal champion Roman Reigns said that he’s still feeling the effects of coronavirus almost a month after he tested positive.

The champ had to step away from the Day 1 main event between himself and Brock Lesnar after he tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in a complete change of direction in the main event picture. While he had coughs and a sinus infection when he was positive, Reigns said that he still feels the effects of tightness in his chest when working out, mainly while doing cardio.

“It’s definitely something serious. As someone who is vaccinated and boosted, it still got to me and I still felt the effects,” Reigns said. “While they weren’t as severe as they can be for some, it did hang around and linger for a while.”

In the same interview, Reigns also discussed his former tag team partner Jon Moxley who recently returned from a three-month absence as he was in a rehab facility. Reacting to the comment of Bully Ray who said that Mox should apologize for letting his fans down, Reigns disagreed with the Hall of Famer.

“I don’t think he owes anybody an apology. I think the fact that he was responsible enough to do what needed to be done and also not shy away from it to help other people – because you rarely talk about those people that are just 100% inspired and motivated by what Mox did – and having that brutal honesty with himself and everyone for that matter, I don’t think he owes anyone an apology,” Reigns continued.

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