CM Punk vs. MJF announced for next week’s Dynamite

Jan 27, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a bid to boost the slow ticket sales in Chicago, AEW has pulled the trigger and is putting CM Punk vs MJF in a live Dynamite rather than on pay-per-view.

The match is now set for next week at the Wintrust Arena and surprisingly there’s still a couple of thousands of seats available for a place that usually sells out very quickly for AEW. The arena is set up to hold just over 6,600 fans according to WrestleTix and as of last week it was around 68% full.

Announcing Punk vs MJF for the show will surely boost sales and help pop a rating for Dynamite but it takes one major match from the upcoming AEW pay-per-view unless they go with a rematch as well.


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  1. Alex says:

    Obviously dusty or dq finish. There is NO way this feud will close out on Dynamite when their ppv is coming up and they’ve been building this for weeks now.

    Also expecting Moxley vs Danielson for the ppv

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