Johnny Knoxville talks WWE and the Royal Rumble

Jan 26, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Johnny Knoxville will be bringing some of his Jackass co-stars with him to the WWE Royal Rumble on Saturday.

Knoxville has been feuding with Sami Zayn as of late, for a feud that will wrap in Saturday’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. The program was booked to promote the new Jackass Forever movie that hits theaters on Friday, February 4. Knoxville spoke with Liz Miller of The St. Louis Dispatch to promote The Rumble and the movie, and said he’s bringing friends with him on Saturday.

“I’ve got some corner men I’m bringing with me,” Knoxville said. “I’m going to have the greatest corner there that night.”

Knoxville also had a warning for Austin Theory ahead of the Men’s Rumble.

“People are going to get hurt, but it’s not going to be me,” Knoxville said. “We’re talking about that low-down and dirty Sami Zayn and that pretty boy Austin Theory. There was a pretty boy named Austin Theory who saw me throw Sami out on this back. Some say Theory’s a chicken, now that theory is a fact.”

Knoxville cut a promo during the media call and declared himself the new King of WWE.

“My name is Johnny Knoxville, I come from the south — I like to talk smack and run my mouth,” he said. “I’m the boy from Tennessee and I’m the king of the WWE.”

Knoxville named Paul Heyman and The Rock when asked about WWE Superstars he’d like to use in future Jackass projects.

“I’d like to drop Paul Heyman out of a cherry picker for a ‘Jackass’ stunt,” he said. “And of course we would love The Rock to be in ‘Jackass’; we would treat him with the utmost respect. He’s the most down to earth guy and such a good person.”

Knoxville was also asked about St. Louis native Randy Orton. He revealed that RK-Bro are the only WWE Superstars he has respect for.

“Randy Orton and Riddle, I do have respect for,” he said. “Those are two guys in the Rumble I do have respect for, but it is a competition, and unfortunately I’m going to have to treat Randy and Riddle just like I’m going to treat everybody else. It’s no reflection on the great people of St. Louis what I do to them in the ring — again, it’s just business.”

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