Dana Brooke reflects on her WWE 24/7 Title Run

Jan 25, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Dana Brooke discussed wanting to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles with Beth Phoenix, her run with the WWE 24/7 title, and much more. Here are some highlights:

On Beth Phoenix complimenting her and wanting to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles with Phoenix: “She gave me that compliment, and I’ve always looked up to her! In the beginning of my career, I always watched her because I found great similarities between us. You never know who’s watching! Her giving me a compliment on Monday, I was taken aback by it, super excited! I would love to be in the ring with her by my side, guiding me through things, and maybe picking her brain, and seeing what she does differently to me, and learn from her – and hold those tag team titles together. I think it would be super, super amazing!’

On her run with the WWE 24/7 title: “I was always on the edge where it was like, ‘Am I gonna be used? Am I not gonna be used?’ Now I’ve got this title, it feels like my toes are in the water. I’m being utilized, I’m showing depth in my character. Now, it’s the next step – I’ll find a tag partner, and I’m after those Women’s Tag Team Titles, with this by my side! Or I can go and face for the Raw Women’s Championship – it might not be a win the first time, but it’s momentum, it’s a progression where I feel I can completely dive in.”

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