Cardona defeats Janela at The WRLD On GCW with lots of help

Jan 23, 2022 - by James Walsh

Matt Cardona was able to put away his rival Joey Janela at The WRLD On GCW, albeit after getting aid from some of his friends. Cardona defeated Janela at Sunday’s PPV in a match that saw Virgil, Brian Myers, and Swoggle all come out to try and help Cardona.

Virgil came out using Vince McMahon’s theme song and wearing a Vince mask as a distraction at one point, and Swoggle also came out to distract Janela. Myers finally came down in a trenchcoat and helmed and speared Janella, which allowed Cardona to hit Radio Silence for the pinfall.

Cardona and Myers continued the beatdown after the match until Sean Waltman appeared and even the odds, hitting an X Factor on Cardona. You can see clips from the match below:

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