Notes on Jim Cornette and Diamond Dallas Page

Jan 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Jim Cornette Suggests AEW Needs to Stop Leting Their Talent do Indy Bookings

As we said on our Facebook page recently, AEW has to stop allowing talent to do indy bookings. While we understand the need for talent to be in the ring and the free market that AEW’s current contracts allow within reason, it is starting to become clear that certain companies have too much of a reach to feature AEW stars. For example, if you believe Eddie Kingston got injured working a squash match on AEW Dark and not ina garbage match for GCW, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you dirt cheap. GCW also advertised the return of Jon Moxley before AEW did. And, the Hardy Boys are being booked at various indy shows as a unit and those groups are putting out press releases before AEW has a chance at reuniting the iconic brother tag team.

Cornette tackled this very view point in the video below….

DDP says he has a Netflix project in the works…

“It will drop probably in the second quarter of 2022. It’s a Netflix original, and it’s called, ‘Guardians of Justice.’ It’s a very dark superhero series, it is something that took us seven years to really put together because it was on and off the table. And the last two years because there’s a lot of really cool animation in it. There’s eight different types of 2D animation, there’s 3D animation, and there’s claymation worked into this storyline. It was way darker before Netflix got ahold of it because they lightened it up quite a bit. Still dark, but they lightened it up quite a bit. It’s going to break soon, it’s my show, man. I didn’t think we could do it when we put it together.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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