Bryan Danielson talks about having longer matches in AEW

Jan 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“A lot of the world, right now, is transforming into short attention span type stuff. I’m trying, in my own personal life, to expand my attention span. One of the things that has always interested me in wrestling, is the long form, right? You know, I’ve been doing short form for so long with WWE. The TV matches are usually around three minutes but very rarely much longer than 10. I’ve been very interested in long-form story telling for a while.

The first one, against Kenny Omega, there was a little bit of nervousness there. It was just because, in my own mind, I had put it on a pedestal because this was my first match outside of WWE in over 10 years. This was kind of a statement, as far as what I want the next three years of my career to be. Also, I’d been looking forward to wrestling Kenny for a long time. The reality is that I was a little bit nervous before, but then once the music started playing and I went out there, it was just pure joy.”

source: Muscle & Fitness

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  1. Chatty One says:

    I don’t really see the match length as necessarily the problem in itself. It’s more when the match goes on for so long and there’s not much interesting about the performers doing it or the story the match is supposed to be a part of.

    You want people to invest in long term, they kind of need something interesting to invest in. Danielson is one of the better people because he has the technical skills and the personality to make things interesting. But there’s plenty of people in WWE and AEW alike who might as well be a wooden broom next to Danielson.

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