Impact Report, 1/20/22

Jan 20, 2022 - by Scott Porter

The show starts with a highlight reel.  It features the ROH invasion angle.  The show emanates from Dallas Texas.

Mickie James, the Knockouts Champion, enters the arena to start the show and joins the announce table with Tom Hannifan D’Lo Brown is out after the attack from the ROH contingent.

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz (with Savanah Evans) VS Chelsea Green

Green attacks the #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship right from the outset.  Tasha takes a two count but gains back control and strikes with a few forearms and a basement punt kick.  Chelsea blocks a suplex and gets a two count off a roll up.  The two trade forearms next, and a war of words.  Tasha blocks a crucifix into a cutter for a 2 count.   Chelsea hits a face first suplex, leading for a two count.  Steelz recovers and hits a Crucifix bomb out of nowhere and gets a clean pin.

Winner.  Tasha Steelz

Steelz grabs the mic and congratulates Mickie on defending the title against the so-called Barbi doll, Deonna Purrazzo.  She tells her the game is over now.  Now she is going to the bad side of town.  Steelz says she will go back home as a failure.  She mentions Nick Aldis and her son and says they will see her as a failure.  Mickie enters the ring.  They start going at it.  Mickie gains an advantage, but Evans stops that.  Steelz goes in for the prey, but Green makes the save.  Chelsea and Mickie celebrate in the ring.  Chelsea looks happy to help the champ.

Matt Cardona is shown confronting Digital Media Championship Champion, Jordynne Grace.  He is then shown backstage being interviewed by Gia.  He says consider that confrontation a challenge.

A ROH, Charlie Haas highlight package airs next.  It appears Mickie James has left the announce duties to Tom Hannifan. 

Match 2.  Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne (with Kaleb with a K) VS Decay, Havok and Rosemary

Rosemary is attacked on the outside and hurt before the match.  It looks like Havok is going to go at this match on her own.  Kaleb join commentary after Tenille took out Rosemary on the post.  Havok starts off on the offensive, but the numbers are too much.  Rayne hits a cutter and Dashwood hits a dropkick.  The two then hit a Stroke and get the pin.

Winners.  The Influence, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne

The Inspiration have a promo telling Dashwood and Rayne they will see them Ft. Lauderdale and they will have to stop imitating them there.

The Quintessential Diva hype video airs next.

Match 3. The Learning Tree,  Zicky Dice and VSK (with Brian Myers) VS W. Morrissey

Myers joins commentary.  VSK tries to slow down the stupidity of Dice as Morrissey enters the ring.  Morrissey beat 3 guys a week or so ago.  This should be equally as brutal.  Morrissey hits a few big boots.  VSK hits a high knee, but then W. hits a few shoulder blocks, a choke slam on Dice and a powerslam on VSK and then he pins them both.

Winner.  W. Morrissey

Morrissey grabs the mic and calls out Moose.  He says he is going to find him if he won’t show his face.  He then exits.

Scott D’Amore calms Morrissey backstage but is called away for an emergency and we go to a break.

The ROH contingent with Vincent, PCO, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Matt Taven are met by Scott D’Amore.  They have tickets.  Scott says they have special seats in the VIP Box.  Security escorts them.  D’Amore clearly is being condescending.

Match 4.  Steve Maclin VS ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham

Ian Riccoboni joins the announce table.  First off, Ian says he isn’t ok with the ROH contingent that attacked Josh Alexander.  Pure ROH rules are in effect for this title match.  After a few rope breaks for each opponent, Maclin refuses to shake hands with Gresham.  Maclin then hits a close fist after another rope break and is warned.  One more closed fist, Maclin is disqualified.  Gresham then uses his second rope break after a go behind.  The two haven’t done much except a few whips and takedowns.  Maclin hits an Olympic slam.  He then locks on the crab.  Gresham uses his 3rd and final rope break.  Maclin now has a clear advantage.  He locks on a camel clutch.  Gresham gets to the ropes, but that doesn’t break the hold under ROH rules.  Gresham stands out of the hold but gets slammed by Maclin twice.

Gresham hits a springboard moonsault after being tossed to the ropes.  He then hits a dropkick off the second rope.  Gresham then gets caught on the top rope and gets splashed in the tree of woe.  Gresham shakes it off and grabs the ropes.  Maclin gets to the ropes and uses his 3rd rope break.  Maclin hits a few slams, but Gresham can’t be pinned.  Gresham locks on the figure four.  Maclin can’t break the hold getting to the ropes.  Gresham and Maclin tie up in the ropes and Gresham uses the ropes to pin Maclin while the figure four is locked in.

Winner and still ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham.

The ROH contingent are shown leaving next.

Match 5.  World Tag Team Champion, Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson) and Joe Doering (with VBD, Deaner and Eric Young) VS Heath and Rhino

Karl Anderson joins the announce table.  Rhino goes right on the attack on Gallows.  Anderson’s is on the mic saying they are “Shoot Heartthrobs.”  Rhino spills Gallows from the ring and we go to break.

Heath is tagging Rhino in as we return.   Gallows is in trouble but, hits a big boot to take out Rhino.  Doering tags in for a double team shoulder block.  They make a few quick tags.  Gallows go to work with his fists.  Rhino chants are driving EY nuts on the outside.  Deaner hits Heath with a flag.  Gallows pins him.

Winners.  Gallows and Doering

Chris Sabin joins the desk for the main event.

Match 6.  Charlie Haas VS Josh Alexander

This is a straight wrestling match.  The two exchange holds.  Lots of mutual respect shown.  Haas gets tossed from the ring and we go to a break.  Haas whips Josh to the buckle and kicks him in the knee.  He then whips Josh’s knee into the buckle.  He continues strikes to the knee. Josh fights back and breaks up the hold Haas locked in on the knee.  Backslide by Alexander for a count of two.  Alexander hits 2 Germans, but Haas blocks the third and hits two of his own.  Josh blocks the third and hits two more for a two count off a bridge pin.

Haas falls into Josh into the turnbuckle awkwardly.  He hits a suplex and ties up a crab.   Josh reverses the hold into an ankle lock.  Haas rolls out for pin, but Josh grapevines the leg back to the ankle lock and he taps.

Winner.  Josh Alexander. 

They shake hands post-match.  ROH hits the ring and attack both.  Chris Sabin tries to help, but they are outnumbered.  Swann and Mack enter, but they can’t help.  Rhino and Heath enter.  The ROH contingent still maintain an advantage.  Eddie Edwards brings in a cane and clears the ring.    The ROH contingent are then shown back in the sky box.  Maria Kannelis says this is Honor No More.  The show ends.











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