1/19/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Jan 19, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Washington, D.C.

Jon Moxley’s music hits, and he makes his return to AEW. Moxley starts cutting a promo, but someone in the crowd yells at him about his problems, and Moxley tells the guy to go fuck himself and calls him a piece of shit. Moxley talks about his problem and says no one makes it through life unscathed. He says everyone has scars, and the important ones are the ones on the inside. He says we all try to pretend those aren’t there, but those are the ones who tell the stories and make us who we are. Moxley says no one is perfect and no one should be afraid to stand up and bare it all. Moxley says he doesn’t run from demons, he just beats the shit out of them. Moxley thanks everyone who has had his back, and says he is going on a pilgrimage in 2022 and will do whatever the hell in wants in the world of professional wrestling. He says he is truly free, but he has been to hell and it is truly liberating. He says if anyone in AEW or in the world thinks they can put him through more than what he has already been through, he is thirsty. He says all he drinks these days is blood and leaves the ring.

MJF cuts a promo backstage, where Wardlow is with him. MJF says CM Punk got beat down by Wardlow last week, and took the cheap way out. MJF insults Wardlow for getting beat, but then says he is hear to apologize. MJF says it is Wardlow’s birthday, and he deserves a sincere apology. He says, however, Wardlow puts his hands on him, so he is docking his pay. Wardlow stares at MJF and MJF says if Wardlow gets into the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match and wins the TNT Championship for him, his pay will go back up. MJF then hypes up Shawn Spears in his match against Punk later tonight.

Match #1 – Mixed Tag Team Match: Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander
Baker and Statlander start the match, but Baker immediately tags in Cole. Cassidy comes in, but Cole tags Baker back in. Baker gets in Cassidy’s face, and he delivers his devastating shins kicks, but she stomps on his foot. Statlander comes in and drops Baker with a scoop slam and then boops her nose. Statlander goes for Big Bang Theory, but Baker gets away and tags in Cole. Cole tells Statlander to back up, but Cassidy drops him with a cross-body. Cole comes back with a pump kick, but Cassidy comes back with a swinging DDT that sends Cole to the floor. Baker goes after Cassidy, but Statlander kicks her in the midsection and drops her with a delayed vertical suplex. Cassidy shoves Statlander over to finally drop Baker to the mat. Baker goes to the floor with Cole as Cassidy and Statlander pose in the ring. Cassidy and Statlander go to the apron, and Statlander moonsaults onto Baker as Cassidy simply falls onto Cole. Cassidy and Statlander hug, but Baker and Cole come back with superkicks and share a kiss. Baker and Cole keep control on the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Cole is in control of Cassidy in the ring. Cole sends Cassidy across the ring, but Cassidy comes back and they take each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Statlander and Baker tag in, and Statlander drops Baker with a few clotheslines. Statlander delivers a back-breaker, followed by a forearm strike in the corner. Statlander delivers a kick in the corner, followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb. Statlander goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. Baker comes back with a back-slide for a two count, and then delivers a fisherman’s neck-breaker. Cole and Cassidy come in, and they exchange shots. Cole comes back with a kick to the leg, followed by an enzuigiri. Cole picks Cassidy up, but Cassidy counters with Stundog Millionaire. Baker makes a blind tag as Cole takes Cassidy down. Baker delivers a Curb Stomp to Cassidy, but Statlander comes to the ring and slams Baker down. Statlander goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. Statlander goes up top, but Cole gets over Baker to protect her. Statlander delivers Area 451 to both of them and Cassidy tags in. Cassidy delivers the Beach Break to Cole and goes for the cover, but Cole kicks out.
Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, but Cole ducks to the ramp. Cassidy goes for a dive, but Cole meets him with a kick to the face. Cole sets up for Panama Sunrise on the ramp, but Statlander pushes Cassidy into the ring. Cole acts like he is going to hit the Panama Sunrise on Statlander, but Baker delivers a superkick to her. Baker lays Statlander out with a Pittsburgh Sunrise on the ramp, and Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on Cassidy in the ring. Cole goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out. Cole clears out the timekeeper’s area, and he and Baker set the table at ringside. Cole gets back into the ring, but Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch. Cole ducks, and Cassidy backs into Baker on the apron and sends her through the table. Cole delivers a low-blow and delivers the Boom. The referee is checking on Baker, but Cole calls him back into the ring and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Alex Marvez interviews Chris Jericho, Ortiz, and Santana. They will take on Daniel Garcia and 2point0 next week. Jericho says he doesn’t care about Eddie Kingston, but Ortiz says they do and tells Jericho to tread carefully. Santana and maybe Kingston was right when he said Jericho might the reason they aren’t the tag team champions. Santana asks when Jericho has truly had their back, and maybe next week they will prove that they don’t actually need him.

Marvez is now backstage with Adam Cole. Cole tells Marvez to go away and says Orange Cassidy has been a thorn in his side for far too long, and now he has decided to put his hands on his girlfriend. Cole asks what more that he needs to do, and says he is going to destroy him next week. He challenges Cassidy to a Lights Out Match next week at Beach Break, and says it is about time he ends his career.

A video package for the match between CM Punk and Shawn Spears airs. MJF joins the commentary team before the match.

Match #2 – Singles Match: CM Punk vs. Shawn Spears
Spears goes for the C-4, but Punk ducks under and hits the GTS for the pin fall.
Winner: CM Punk
-After the match, MJF sneaks into the ring as Punk is in the corner. MJF tries to back away, but Punk grabs his scarf. Punk goes for a right hand, but MJF escapes the ring as Punk holds onto his scarf. They stare each other down as Punk puts on the scarf.

Backstage, Billy Gunn brings a cameraman and meets Christian Cage outside. He says his boys are ranked in the top five, and says it is about time they get a shot at the tag titles that Cage’s boys have. Cage says Gunn’s kids have it all and they got it from him, but when the lights got bright he could never have that statement win. Cage says the apples don’t fall far from the tree, and Gunn puts his hands on Cage. Austin and Colten run in and they beat Cage down.

The AEW TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes, makes his return. Back from the break, Rhodes has a ladder set up in the ring. Rhodes says he remembers a promo from a guy named CM Punk, which was called The Pipebomb. He says Punk laid out a roadmap, listed things like going to NJPW, working with ROH, and teaming with The Young Bucks. Rhodes says, as destiny and fate would have it, Punk was unable to do those things, but he would end up here in AEW. Rhodes says Punk’s return is the comeback of the decade, and everyone is loving it. He says in the void that Punk left, someone did all of those things: him. He says he carried everything on his shoulders and everyone cheered. He says he won’t turn heel because the fans cheered when he needed them the most. Rhodes says people talk about The Forbidden Door, but he was the one who built it. He says he has been gone for two weeks, and says The Young Bucks almost started the Wednesday Night Wars all over again. He says the Bucks don’t need to beat developmental again. He says his friend Ricky Starks got into it with Jay Lethal, and puts over the Lethal Injection. Rhodes brings up Malakai Black, and says they are not in the business of renaming people, but Brody King coming to the ring and calling himself Brody is brave. Rhodes says they don’t have secondary belts in AEW, but there are currently two TNT titles. Rhodes says the contract is in the mail for Sammy Guevara, and the contract is for a ladder match for the Undisputed TNT Championship next week at Beach Break. Rhodes climbs the ladder and holds his title in the air.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Anna Jay, John Silver, Jade Cargill, and Smart Mark Sterling. Jay has answered Cargill’s open challenge for the TBS Championship. Silver says Jay is ranked number two and will be the one to beat Cargill for the title. Jay says she has wrapped barbed wire around her arms to beat girls before, and she will do whatever it takes to beat Cargill. Cargill says Jay needs to understand that this is still That Bitch Show.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: The Kings of the Throne (Malakai Black and Brody King) vs. The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison) (w/Julia Hart)
King backs Garrison into the corner and Black tags in. Black delivers a back elbow, and applies a side-headlock. King tags in and slams Garrison to the mat. King grabs Garrison, but Garrison gets free and tags in Pillman. Pillman slaps King and sets up for Air Pillman, but Pillman hesitates and goes to the floor. King charges around the ring and slams Garrison into the steel steps. King takes Pillman into the ring, but HOB double team him and Black takes him down with a leg-sweep. King sentons onto Pillman, and then they take out Garrison when he gets into the ring. Black and King drop Pillman with Dante’s Inferno and get the pin fall.
Winners: The Kings of the Black Throne
-After the match, Black tells the worshipers of the House of Black to rise, but a promo from PAC interrupts. PAC says he sees clearly now, and Black is power hungry. PAC tells Black it is exhausting, and he is out of Black’s reach. PAC says Black expected him to bow down and call him master. PAC takes off the blindfold, showing his eyes are healed.

Adam Page tells Lance Archer to come take a shot at the AEW World Championship as Jake Roberts hypes Archer up.

Brandon Cutler is looking for The Young Bucks, but Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero walk up. Romero says the Best Friends have been losing to The Elite every week, and they are tired of it. Romero says he and Beretta have beaten The Bucks many times, and they issue a challenge for Rampage this Friday night.

Match #4 – Singles Match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Lance Archer (w/Dan Lambert and Jake Roberts)
Archer delivers an elbow strike, but Kazarian comes back with a few strikes. Kazarian delivers a low dropkick and runs the ropes, but Archer delivers a clothesline to the back of Kazarian’s head. Archer takes Kazarian to the corner and delivers a double-hand chop. Archer beats Kazarian down and takes him to the corner. Archer delivers an elbow strike, follows by a right hand. Archer suplexes Kazarian across the ring and delivers headbutts in the corner. Kazarian comes back with a back elbow, but Archer clotheslines him on the apron as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Archer chops Kazarian in the corner. Archer whips Kazarian into the opposite corner and presses his knee into his face. Archer delivers a few right hands and pie-faces him on the mat. Kazarian fights back with a few shots, and then delivers a flying forearm. Archer tosses Kazarian into the corner and delivers a back elbow. Archer picks Kazarian up, but Kazarian counters with elbow strikes. Kazarian kicks Archer away and delivers a missile dropkick. Kazarian delivers a springboard leg drop and goes for the cover, but Archer kicks out. Kazarian delivers a knee strike to Archer’s back, but Archer comes back with a forearm shot. Archer delivers s choke slam and drops him with the Helicoaster. Archer drops Kazarian with the Blackout and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Lance Archer
-After the match, Schiavone gets in the ring. Lambert says no one needs to understand the relationship between he and Archer. He says Adam Page is too young for this, and didn’t grow up outside. Lambert says Page grew up playing video games and is not mentally ready for Archer. Archer says it has been enough of the cowboy bullshit and says he is going to show us what he is going to do. Archer tosses Kazarian to the ramp and picks him up, but Page interrupts. They get face-to-face and Page slaps Archer. Archer fires back and they exchange shots on the ramp. Page sends Archer into the ring and goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Archer blocks it. Page delivers more shots and clotheslines Archer to the floor. Archer tries to get back into the ring, but Lambert holds him back.

Marvez is backstage with Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, and Matt Sydal. Martin says Sydal has been like a brother to him, so he will have their backs against Team Taz. Moriarty says they will have his back in return. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs are also backstage. Starks says nobody is Martin’s friend and he will find out he is all alone. Hobbs tells Martin to watch his front, his back, and his sides, because Team Taz builds assassins.

Schiavone is backstage with Kris Statlander and Red Velvet. Leyla Hirsch walks in and says if only Statlander had the same focus last Friday night. Hirsch says Statlander cost her and Velvet money last week, and Velvet gets in her face and says it was miscommunication. Hirsch attacks Velvet from behind, and then puts Statlander in a cross arm-breaker as referees rush in.

Match #5 – Singles Match: Serena Deeb vs. Skye Blue
They lock up and Deeb takes Blue down. Blue gets up and charges, but Deeb dodges her and applies a side-headlock. Deeb drops Blue with a shoulder tackle and then sends her to the apron. Blue comes back with a shot, but Deeb applies a front face-lock in the ropes. Deeb drapes Blue over the ropes and clotheslines her in the corner. Deeb catapults Blue into the bottom rope and kicks her in the head. Deeb drops Blue with a swinging neck-breaker and slams her to the mat. Deeb slams Blue’s knee into the mat repeatedly and then locks in the Serenity Lock, and Blue taps out.
Winner: Serena Deeb

Dan Lambert is backstage with the Men of the Year. Ethan Page says they didn’t scatter like everyone else, and says they can stop looking for opponents for Jon Moxley. Page says look no further, because he will take on Moxley this Friday on Rampage.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-AEW TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Anna Jay
-Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks
-Ethan Page vs. Jon Moxley
-Hook vs. Serpentico

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite: Beach Break
-Undisputed AEW TNT Championship – Ladder Match: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Sammy Guevara (c)
-Trios Tag Team Match: 2point0 and Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho, Ortiz, and Santana
-Lights Out Match: Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy
-Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Schiavone is backstage with Andrade El Idolo and Matt Hardy. Hardy says he has agreed to sell 51% of The Hardy Family Office to Idolo. Hardy says he and Private Party will be on the Board, as will Idolo, as The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny look on. He says they will be the A-HFO from now on, and they talk about Darby Allin. Hardy says if Allin is smart and survives the main event, he will join A-HFO.

Match #6 – Tag Team Match: Darby Allin and Sting vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster)
Bowens and Caster attack Allin and Sting before the bell rings. They beat Sting down and wrap a chair around Allin’s neck. They slam Allin into the ring post and the referee calls for the doctors to check on Allin. Sting checks on Allin and the doctors say Allin can’t go. The bell rings and Sting drops Bowens and Caster with back-hand chops. Sting sends Caster to the floor as doctors carry Allin to the back. Sting drops Bowens in the ring and then throws him to the floor. Sting slams Bownes into the steel steps, and then dows the same to Caster. Sting gets them back into the ring and delivers a Stinger Splash to Caster. Sting goes for one on Bowens, but he pulls the pad off and Sting hits the exposed turnbuckle. Caster drops onto Sting and Bowens goes for the cover, but Sting kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Sting takes down Bowens and Caster. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock to Caster, but Bowens delivers a shot. Sting isn’t fazed, so Bowens delivers another one to break the hold. Bowens hits Sting with the boombox on the floor, and then drags him around the ring. Caster gets on the steps, but Allin runs back down and knocks Caster to the floor. Allin takes Bowens down and rolls Sting into the ring. Allin tags in and delivers a double Coffin Drop on the floor. Allin tosses Caster into the ring and drops him with Code Red. Allin goes for the cover, but Caster kicks out. Allin delivers a pair of Coffin Splashes in the corner and locks in a front guillotine. Caster makes the tag and tosses Allin away. Bowens delivers a few elbows and a thrust kick. Bowens slams Allin to the mat and Caster hits the Mic Drop. Bowens goes for the cover, but Sting breaks it up. Sting sends Caster to the ramp and dives onto him as Caster goes to the floor, and they crash through a table. Allin sends Bowens to the exposed turnbuckle and delivers a Stunner. Allin hits the Coffin Drop and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Darby Allin and Sting

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