Kevin Fertig, formerly Kevin Throne in WWE, Injured, requires surgery

Jan 17, 2022 - by James Walsh

Pro-wrestling star Kevin Fertig (fka as Kevin Thorne in WWE) appeared at OVW event over the weekend, where he competed in the Nightmare Rumble matchup.

Fertig has since taken to Facebook and revealed that he was injured during the bout, and will be undergoing surgery this week to repair the damage. He writes:

Well F@ck!!! Happy Birthday to me !! Decided to do just one more Show @ovwwrestling in Louisville this weekend and enter in their Royal Rumble , let’s just say I’m not made for this shit anymore!! I did make it down to the Final 3 thou before it happened!!

Bicep 💪🏽 is now torn off bone and surgery probably on Tuesday or Wednesday!! Birthday 🥳 Monday!! Lol.
Definitely going to stick to real estate from here!! Multiple Offer situations don’t hurt this bad!! Well most anyway!

Huge Thanks to @thedavidherro for keeping @kkdgfertig from kicking my ass and the I told you so’s to about 3!
Huge love to @therealalsnow @thescottgarland @mrpec_tacular @chrismasters310 @thearonfiles @thekalherro @thedougbasham and all the great guys in OVW, it was great seeing you all and love text checking on me in late hours this AM!!

Huge Thanks to @drkux for getting me in and home quick! Still want that sponge 🧽 bath thou!! 😙

Now Krogers pharmacy needs to open quickly cuz my meds have wore off and this shit freaking hurts!!!!

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