Tammy Sytch Issues Statement

Jan 16, 2022 - by James Walsh

Tammy Sytch has issued a brief statement on her recent arrest and is also asking for help in locating her lost dog. As previously reported, Sytch was charged with two charges of illegally possessing a weapon and a charge of terroristic threats after she allegedly threatened to murder an intimate partner while wielding a pair of scissors, which is said to have been recorded on a responding officer’s dash camera.

Sytch posted to her Facebook page writing:

“I am ok. I am laying low for a bit. But I’m m ok. Don’t believe the media. Please don’t.”

She also posted to her page saying that her dog Sissy is missing, writing:

“LOST DOG: keansburg, no area. White and tan Maltese/Yorkie mix. Answered to sissy. Last seen at 250 beachway ave, keansburg, NJ. Please message for help. Thanks”

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  1. Bthb says:

    I never liked Tammy stemming from an incident backstage at a Wcw show, years later I had commented on a post I think it was on Facebook which was about her no showing an event or something, she sent me a dm rightfully calling me out I apologised and so did she, we messaged for a good year or so after and she was a really lovely person and helped me a lot. She’s damaged yes but she is not a bad person she just wants to be loved m. It must be hard to go from the level of fame she had (most searched for woman on the internet) to now

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