Deonna Purrazzo Says Signing With IMPACT Was The Best Decision She Ever Made

Jan 16, 2022 - by James Walsh

IMPACT superstar and new ROH women’s champion Deonna Purrazzo recently spoke with the Miami Herald about all things pro-wrestling, including how IMPACT has revitalized her career and how she hopes to pursue the Knockouts tag team titles with Chelsea Green. Highlights from the interview are below.

How returning to IMPACT has revitalized her career:

It’s defined my career [coming to IMPACT Wrestling]. The best decision I ever could’ve made and I think I was more hesitant because you know, obviously my time at Ring of Honor and the women’s division there, it wasn’t coming to fruition the way I wanted it to and didn’t want… didn’t want to be giving more of myself than they were willing to give back to me, and then I got the opportunity to go to NXT and it was kind of like I’d worked for this for so long. Gosh, if they’re finally saying ‘yes’, how do I say no? Because then maybe they’ll never say yes again and then I — I don’t know what could’ve been. So I was just — when I was released from NXT, I was a little hesitant to right way, dive deep into another contract and from the minute I walked into Skyway Studios in Nashville, May of 2020 for my first set of IMPACT tapings, I felt like this is my home. I felt welcomed and I felt respected and I felt like an immediate part of and you know, part of that is the wrestling aspect, right? But then the other part of that is the office aspect and the locker room aspect and even from the first conversation I had with Scott D’Amore on the phone before those tapings, I felt like this is gonna be a good fit if this is how it goes and yeah, like I said, it’s defined my career. I have reinvigorated myself, I have lived my wildest dreams over the last two years so, I owe IMPACT. I’m so grateful for them.

Hopes to go after the Knockouts tag titles with Chelsea Green:

It [goal of mine] was to main event and I got to do that, so now it’s like what else is there to do? And I think that the Tag Team Championships have eluded me thus far and I’d love to reignite VXT [Purrazzo & Chelsea Green], which is the greatest tag team that never actually was and win some tag gold in our Knockouts division.

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