Booker T Says Jade Cargill Could Do Things Never Seen Before

Jan 15, 2022 - by James Walsh

In a recent edition of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed Eric Bischoff’s comments on Tony Khan comparing Jade Cargill to Goldberg, what he thinks of Cargill, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Booker T on Eric Bischoff’s comments on Tony Khan comparing Jade Cargill to Goldberg: “My thing is is this, damnit, since when can somebody not have an opinion? If that’s Tony Khan’s opinion, that’s his opinion. I can’t have an issue with it or anything like that. That’s why I’m having a really hard time grasping this is I can’t see Eric Bischoff being upset with another promoter promoting his company and saying, ‘I’m gonna compare it to this, or I’m gonna compare it to that.’ Just like saying AEW is WCW in its heyday. That’s his opinion.”

On what he thinks of Jade Cargill: “I don’t give a damn if Jade Cargill couldn’t do a wrist lock or headlock takeover. I wouldn’t care. I would put the title on her because she’s a specimen. She’s something that we have never seen before. When you put her on the marquee, whether you think she can wrestle or jump off the top rope, you want to buy a ticket just to see her. Some people don’t understand this business of drawing money. When I see Jade Cargill, I see, man we can draw some money here. Then if we can teach her the ins and outs to do the little things about this business, man, we can really do something. So, when you look at someone like Cargill and you know exactly what she brings to the table just from that box, she checks all of them off. Then she gets in the ring and performs. Now we got something.

On the comparisons to Goldberg: “For her to be compared to Goldberg, I wouldn’t say it’s 100 percent spot-on or anything like that, but I wouldn’t say it’s so far-fetched that it’s something we shouldn’t even be talking about. Both were green. Both were young in the business. Both look so impressive that you can’t do anything other than let them go out there and beat the hell out of somebody. I think Cargill is the prefect person to build something with to where people go, ‘Man, I don’t think she’s gonna ever lose the title.’”

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