Tammy Sytch Allegedly Threatened To Kill Man with Scissors Before Arrest

Jan 14, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: WWE

Cops say WWE legend Tammy Sytch — aka Sunny — allegedly threatened to kill her “intimate partner” with a pair of scissors before she was arrested on Thursday, TMZ Sports has learned.

In new court documents, law enforcement officers in New Jersey say Sytch was involved in a domestic dispute with a man that could have turned fatal.

Details of how the alleged altercation began are unclear … but in the docs, officers say Sytch raised a pair of scissors “in the air towards the victim” and threatened to kill him.

Cops say that an officer witnessed the incident … and added that Sytch “appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol” during the altercation.

The alleged victim suffered no injuries, cops added.

Sytch was ultimately arrested … and court records show she was booked on three criminal charges — including possessing a weapon for unlawful purpose, and terroristic threats. Jail records show she’s still in custody.

Sytch — who’s had multiple run-ins with the law in the past few years — is considered one of the best female wrestlers ever … being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

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  1. Captain Ass says:

    Last I checked, this skank was never a “wrestler”. Under the influence, huh? Like anyone is surprised about that? Lock this druggie drunk loser up and throw away the key.

  2. fairfax says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that Sunny’s state of life/living would be any/much different had Chris Candido not passed when he did…but to go back and see him at the end of his life and how well he’d been able to seemingly sustain sobriety it begs the question. Of course Sytch and Candido were certainly codependent but that doesn’t mean their codependency equals destruction necessarily…it could have just as easily lead to success in sobriety and in life, personally and professionally. Sadly since Candidos passing I think Sytch has been somewhat lost and gone from, in thanks to her fame and final drips of her physical beauty…the shadow of what had once been, unhealthy to un-healthier yet relationship with men who only seek to gain from the association. Men who took not a care in Sytch’s sobriety or mental health. And I’m not absolving Tammy herself from any guilt only to say that I find her to be quite vulnerable to the wolves and other carnivores she’s surrounded herself with….but sadly I think since the very young age she began appearing with Chris Candido on Smoky Mountain Wrestling she was conditioned to see her all value and worth in what others thought of her appearance….the men in her world particularly. She simply cannot be alone. I think to threaten a, likely verbally and physically abusive-though that’s purely speculative on my part, boyfriend or partner during an intoxicated domestic dispute, scissors or no, being a “terrorist threat” or attempted ANYTHING is a bit of a stretch BUT I hope that Sytch appears before a judge who sees the greater scope of her life and that this break from her latest vampire could be a shot at getting through and ideally sentencing at the very least is split between whatever jail time is commiserative

  3. fairfax says:

    to the crimes committed and a medical institution that can treat the root of Tammy Sytch’s problems. As long as she remains this side of living then I think she deserves respect and help. Addiction is a disease and needs to be viewed that way, especially given how it’s devastated the lives of these very successful individuals who would appear to have every advantage in their favor, it’s a chronic, progressive disease that is very likely to be fatal and effects every aspect of society and humanity. I should hope that WWE doesn’t give Tammy the Marc Bagwell treatment and continues to fund her treatment. If nothing else it simply makes them look good for doing so. One of the GREATEST WOMEN’S wrestlers is a bit of a stretch as Sytch never really wrestled that much…aside from a few skirmishes with Dawn Marie in ECW aka, in my BEST Joey Styles, CATFIIIGHT, CAAATFIIIIGHT!!!! But from interviews I think it’s obvious Tammy Sytch knows the business and psychology much like fellow addicts Scott Hall and Jake Roberts…not so much the in-ring but EVERYTHING else as it’s clear that from those early days she truly listened and learned from the Jim Cornettes and Vince McMahons and Jr’s and Prichards etc and if cleaned up I think Tammy Sytch might still have quite a bit to offer behind the scenes creatively. Either way I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry for the long, rambling post. I’m a talker!

  4. Stonz says:

    She just needs to quit fkn up lol.

  5. Brad says:

    Fairfax don’t apologize for the length of your post. You can.talk as long as you want to as long as you make sense. Which you did.

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    honestly they need to keep her in a cell for like LONG period 10 15 years then maybe MAYBE MAYYYYYBEEEE she might learn a lesson

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