Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela announced for PPV

Jan 14, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Game Changer Wrestling recently announced that The WRLD on GCW will air on traditional pay-per-view as well as being on FITE TV.

Here is the current lineup for The WRLD on GCW:

The WRLD on GCW (1/23)

– ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Blake Christian
– Team Gringo (Gringo Loco, Arez, and Demonic Flamita) vs. Team Bandido (Bandido, Laredo Kid, and ASF)
– Ruby Soho vs. Allie Katch
– Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela

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  1. Joe A says:

    Imagine paying PPV or ticket money, to go see Joey Janela do what he calls “wrestling”.

  2. fairfax says:

    I am not a fan of “death match” wrestling with the panes of glass and all the light tunes and various sharp metal things swung by one competitor toward the other…I can stomach most of it for the most part but I just don’t particularly enjoy it. That in mind I have been trying to watch a bit of Game Changer and see what the buzz is all about. It is very reminiscent of the original ECW but NOT in the Hard-core stuff but in the way the shoot things production wise and in the way the product is presented…creatively and actually. And I see the charisma and “thumb on the pulse” way they are using EFFY…that’s how they are ECW like in my opinion…Effy is modern and youthful and they’re capitalizing on it. I must admit that “The MDK Gang” of whatever Nick Gage calls his fans and their devotion to him is impressive and even contagious…especially during his ring entrances. I think the Hammerstein Ballroom show, that is SOLD OUT, will likely pull out all the stops and I must admit I’ve enjoyed Matt Cardona in GCW and it’s the most MAIN EVENT I’ve seen him look, real heat! And Cardona and Janella should be good, Joey is better than he gets credit for and he’s gotten himself into pretty impressive shape…for him at least. But as I look over this card or what’s been released thus far…aside from The Bad Boy and Allie Catch and Gringo Loco and the only just recently returned Blake Christian these other names aren’t names I’ve seen in my albeit limited time watching GCW but still…these are BIG NAMES on the indys for certain but….I imagine at The Wrld more eyes than ever before will be on Game Changer Wrestling….I don’t doubt that the card will ultimately feature more GCW regulars but I think it’s more vital to push exposure for Effy, Gage, the very impressive Atticus Cogar, Calvin Tankman and the other regulars than the Impact or ROH or big independent names. Game Changer Wrestling is worth checking out if you haven’t even if you’re not into the “death match” stuff. An Atticus Cogar for example will likely be a future star in Impact, AEW or even WWE one day and these are those early days today’s legends speak on in shoots or docs. And sometimes they manage to get a death match over to someone like myself with the Matt Cardona vs Nick Gage angle….check it out for yourself and not because one side put it over so much or because the other side buried it so much for being an Outlaw Mudshow or something.

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