NXT creative team changes

Jan 11, 2022 - by Staff

The WWE NXT creative team will not be operating independently moving forward.

A new report from PWInsider notes that, at least for the short-term, the NXT creative team will fall under Senior Vice President of Creative Writing Operations Christine Lubrano and Executive Director/Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard. The NXT creative team was informed this week that they will report to and answer to Lubrano and Prichard, consistent to how the RAW and SmackDown creative teams operate.

Johnny Russo will now head the NXT writing team under the supervision of Lubrano and Prichard. Russo joined WWE in October 2011 and worked the main roster creative teams form 2015-2018, before being promoted to the role of Senior Creative Writer/Producer in August 2018. He has been working the NXT creative team since August 2019, and became NXT’s lead writer in July 2020.

Dewey Foley and Anthony Golden Jr. are still on the NXT creative team. Foley has been overseeing WWE 205 Live for a while now. Golden has been with WWE since March 2021, and has a theatrical background with a Masters Degree in acting, as well as a Masters in Film & TV Production.

Under the Triple H regime, the NXT writing team was autonomous in nature, operating as a separate bubble within the company. As a part of changes made last week that unraveled that era of the NXT brand, with many of Triple H’s hires being let go, the NXT creative team is also undergoing a major change.

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