Hard To Kill

Jan 8, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Triple Threat for the Impact World Title
Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey vs. Moose (c)

Will Matt Cardona finally fulfill his dream of being a World Champion?  Will W. Morrissey stand alone and claim the championship he says is already his?  Will Moose prove he is the God of professional wrestling?

ROH World Title Match
Chris Sabin vs. Jonathan Gresham (c)

ROH World Championship is on the line on an Impact Wrestling PPV.  Ian Riccaboni and Bobby Cruise will add commentary.  AEW can claim they are opening the Forbidden Door, but Impact continues to prove they are actually leading the way.

Texas Death Match for the Knockouts Title
Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mickie James (c)

Will Mickie James bring the Knockouts World Championship to the WWE Royal Rumble or maybe Deonna Purrazzo will?

Impact X Division Title Match
Steve Maclin vs. Trey Miguel (c)If Maclin fails to win, he can no longer challenge for the title as long as Miguel is champion.

Knockouts Ultimate X
Chelsea Green vs. Lady Frost vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Rosemary vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Impact Digital Media Champion, Jordynne Grace.

The winner will receive a Knockouts World Championship Title Match.

Hardcore War
Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. Violence By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, Joe Doering) and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson)

No Rules.  This should be brutal.

Jonah vs. Josh Alexander

Jonah has had the best of the former Impact World Champion, but Josh wants to get payback in this grudge match.

Pre-show Match
Chris Bey vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Ace Austin vs. Laredo Kid

High flying mayhem to start the night on the pre-show.

D’Lo Brown and Tom Hannifan (formerly Tom Phillips in WWE) will be on the call tonight.  Matt Stryker has left the company.

Countdown Show

Match 1.  Jake Something VS Madman Fulton

These two start off with a series of power moves.  Fulton gets a two count off two chokeslams.  He misses a third attempt and Jake blocks it and hits an abyss (a sidewalk slam) and gets the pinfall.

Winner Jake Something

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona are interviewed backstage.  Chelsea says she is ready to become the #1 contender for the Knockouts Champion.  Matt says this is finally his night.  Tonight, is their honeymoon.  They will fulfill their dream.
Match 2.  Ace Austin VS Laredo Kid VS Speedball, Mike Bailey VS Chris Bey 
Hikuleo is absent from ringside.  We will pay attention to see if it stays that way.
Bailey tries to show respect and shake everyone’s hand pre match.  Ace refuses and Bey kicks him.  Bailey quickly recovers and lays in a series of lightning kicks to Ace and Bey.  Bey re-enters and gets monkey flipped from the ring with Bailey from Laredo.  Ace attacks Kid from behind.  He lays in a series of boots to the back.  Ace then lays in a few chops.  Bey lays out Ace and Kid with some impressive kicks.  Ace recovers and Bailey double dropkicks them both.  This match is high spot showcase.

Bailey and Kid have been friendly, but they start shoving each other on the floor.  Ace hurls himself on both of them and Bey.  Ace got really high in the air on that move.  Bailey hits a springboard, Spanish fly to the floor next.  Wow.  Kid hits a driver and a corkscrew off the top rope on Bailey for a two count.  He goes for a third, and Ace blocks it.  Bey re-enters and they all go at it.  Bey hits a cutter on Ace and then Kid.  Bailey hits a moonsault and spinning kick to Ace.  He then gets the pinfall after connecting a inverted moonsault, double knee to the spin onto Ace.

Winner.  Mike Bailey

A vignette airs hyping the event.

Main Card.

Match 1.  Knockouts Ultimate X Match.  Chelsea Green VS Tasha Steelz VS Lady Frost VS Rosemary VS Alisha Edwards VS Jordynne Grace, The Digital Media Champion

The winner will gain a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

All the women start in the ring together.  The match starts quickly.  Chelsea hits a blockbuster on Alisha.  Grace works over Rosemary in the corner.  Steelz hits a ranna on Chelsea but takes a spinebuster from Grace.  Savanah Evans enters as does Havok and both interfere.  Alisha and Chelsea take the opportunity to leap from the top rope together on to everyone on the floor.  Lady Frost takes to air next and does a senton to the floor.  Grace and Frost climb the structure.  Grace makes it to the cable and starts working her way across the ring.  Frost tries to pull her down but fails.  Steelz gets her down.   Chelsea can’t make it across the cables and crashes to the mat.  Alisha starts hitting everyone with a kendo stick.  She heads to the cables.  She shimmies her way across, but Rosemary fails her attempt.  They took a nasty fall to the mat.  Steelz goes to the cables with Grace right behind her.  Grace takes her down with a hanging powerbomb.  That was brutal.  Frost then hits a temp drop to the arena floor on a few ladies.  Grace and Steelz are back on the cables with Green.  Steelz drops Grace and Steelz wrestles the hanging X from Chelsea Green to win the match.

Winner.  Tasha Steelz

The former Tom Phillips, Tom Hannifan is doing an impressive job on commentary.  How WWE let him go is beyond me.  He has great chemistry with D’Lo.  They run the card down again.

Mickie James cuts a promo backstage and says it was great to enter the Royal Rumble this month in WWE as the Impact Knockouts Champion.  Deonna Purrazzo is her focus tonight.  She says she will leave the World Champion.  Deonna is interviewed next with her AAA Womens Championship.  She says she will regain her championship.  Gail Kim enters and says if Mathew Rewoldt interferes tonight, he will be fired and she will lose.

Match 2.  Steve Maclin VS X Division Champion, Trey Miguel.  If Maclin loses, he cannot challenge Miguel again for the title.

Maclin attacks Trey before the match starts.  Trey evens the attack with a DDT to the floor.  The match officially begins with Trey basement dropkicking Maclin on the floor and hurling himself to the floor, but actually landing in the crowd.  Maclin recovers and starts working over Trey on the barricade.  Maclin is working the back and ribs of Trey.  Once back in the ring, Maclin slows down the match with bruising blows.  Trey then takes a big choke slam.  Maclin rotated back on the cover and Trey slipped out of the pin.  Maclin goes back on attack on the lower back.  He lays in a double underhook backbreaker.  Maclin whips Trey into the ropes and punts him to the floor.  He then drops an elbow to the floor and flips off a few fans.  He then drops Miguel on the apron.  Back in the ring, Maclin locks on a chin lock.  He hits another backbreaker.  Trey is trying to fight back with knee strikes.  Trey then hits a double stomp to the chest.  Trey tries to regroup, but he is beat up.  He hits a back elbow and plants Maclin’s face on the apron.  He goes to the top and tries for a Meteora.  Maclin blocks it and ties him up in the ropes.  Maclin then runs the ropes and tackles him to the floor.  Brutal move.  He tosses Trey in and gets a two count.  He then loses it and elbows Trey repeatedly.  Trey reverses a powerbomb into a piledriver.  Trey then rolls him up for a two count.  Trey goes for a Meteora, Maclin blocks it.  They fight on the apron.  Trey scores a heavy knee strike.  Trey then hits a Meteora from the top rope to the floor.  Maclin’s head hit the barricade.  He has to be hurt from that.  He puts Maclin in the ring and hits another Meteora.  Maclin kicks out.  WOW.  Trey starts punching Maclin who is on his knees.  Trey then hits a brainbuster and goes back to the top.  He hits another Meteora and pins Maclin.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Trey Miguel

Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are backstage complaining The Inspiration are no showing tonight’s show.  Madison says the match is rescheduled for Jan. 27th in Fort Lauderdale.

Match 3.  ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham VS Chris Sabin

Bobby Cruise and Ian Riccaboni join the announce team with Ian at the table and Bobby calling out the competitors from the ring.  Gresham enters as the current ROH World Champion.  Jonathan is on an 8-match win streak.  Gresham wins with a different hold every time he wrestles.

Sabin was the mentor to Gresham years ago in ROH.  They tie up and reverse holds feeling each other out.  Neither gain an advantage but put on a clinic of scientific chain wrestling.  Eventually they get to mat wrestling and continue to go back and forth.  Gresham starts to gain an advantage and bends the ankle, while twisting the shoulder.  He literally wrestles like they call him, an octopus.  Sabin throws a few forearms, which gets Gresham to slow down.  Sabin bridges out of a pin attempt and DDT’s Gresham for a two count.  Gresham goes back to the arm, which is hurt.  Sabin chops himself free and hits a spinning neck breaker.  Gresham uses the ropes to break the pin up.  In ROH pure rules, you only get three pin or submission breaks off the ropes.  Gresham goes after the shoulder and arm with strikes and floats into a cross face.  Sabin gets to the ropes to break up the hold.  Sabin now is down to two rope break ups left.  Gresham locks on the abdominal stretch.  He calls it the octopus of course.  Sabin reverses the hold into Cradle Shock.  He then pins Gresham, but Jonathan’s leg was under the ropes.  The ref reverses the decision.  The match continues.  The two trade blows from their knees in the center of the ring.  The two get to their feet and trade chops for over a minute until they both drop to a knee.  Then they start again.  Gresham goes down, but hits a inseguri.  They roll each other up several times, with Gresham finally bridging himself over Sabin for the pin.

Winner by pinfall and still ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham 

They shake hands after the match and the fans chant Ring of Honor.

Tasha Steelz is interviewed backstage.  Savanah Evans is with her.  Steelz says she made history tonight and she wants the winner of the Knockouts Championship match.

Match 4.  Jonah VS Josh Alexander

Josh punt kicks Jonah to start the match.  It does nothing to Jonah.  Josh pushes Jonah to the corner and lays in a few punches.  He eventually dropkicks Jonah from the top rope, and it does nothing.  Jonah shrugs it off and tosses Alexander to the floor.  He follows him and works him over on the outside, then tosses Josh back in the ring.  Josh reverses the fight and lays in some kicks and punches to Jonah, then cross bodies him to the floor.  Josh goes for a suplex on the floor, Jonah reverses it and drops Josh on the apron hard.

Back in the ring, Jonah hits a full press slam and then sets up Josh in a fireman’s carry.  Jonah just launches him off his shoulders.  Jonah then locks on a version of the torture rack, Josh gets free.  He tries for the C4, but Jonah will have none of it and he sidewalk slams Josh for a two count.  Jonah locks on the Torture Rack again.  Josh slips out again.  They trade blows in the ring.  Josh tries to mount a comeback and baits Jonah into getting cocky.  He kicks Jonah in his shins repeatedly.  Josh knocks Jonah from the ring.  He falls hard to the floor.

The fight spills into the crowd and this favors Jonah momentarily, but Josh hits him hard on the face and sets him up on a chair.  He then mounts the top rope and dives into the crowd onto Jonah.  The ref is making the count.  Josh gets back in.  Jonah just beats the count.  Josh fires himself up and goes for the C4, but Jonah backdrops him.  Josh is relentless and knees Jonah in the head.  He goes to the top rope, but Jonah crotches Josh on the top.  Jonah mounts and the two jockey for position.  Jonah ends up superplexing Josh from the top.  A “This is Awesome” chant breaks out.  Both men struggle to get to their feet.  They start with the strong style punches and chops.  They then start palm striking each other in the face.  This is brutal.  Jonah hits a powerbomb eventually.  He then clotheslines him for a two count.  Jonah then hits a brain buster for another two count.  Josh is busted open from a series of headbutts.  Jonah heads to the top for the big splash, but Josh catches Jonah on the top.  Jonah headbutts him down to the mat again.  He misses a moonsault.  Josh hits a German and a C4.  Jonah kicks out at two.  Josh locks on the ankle lock.  Jonah kicks out, but Josh stomps his face and locks the ankle lock again.  Jonah taps.

Winner.  The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander

What a great match.  That was fantastic.

Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack and Rich Swann are interviewed backstage.  Eddie says they will do whatever it takes to win tonight.  Swann says they are ready to.  Mack says he is ready.  Rhino says he is going to rip Eric Young’s head off.

Match 5.  Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack and Rich Swann VS Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, Joe Doering) and The Good Brother (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, Impact World Tag Team Champions)

This match is known as Hard Core War.  It sounds similar to War Games rules to start, but with no cage.   Deaner heads out to the ring first.  He is brandishing a trash can.  Rich Swann enters the arena for his team.  He has a chair.  Swann takes early advantage with Deaner.  He hits a high leaping splash and sets up the chair in the corner.  Deaner blocks the attempt to ram his head into the chair.  He grabs the garbage can and bashes Swann.  He then tosses Swann headfirst into the chair.  Deaner then Russian Leg Sweeps Swann with the help of his flagpole.  Deaner then faceplants Swann onto the chair.  Karl Anderson heads to the ring with a driver in his hand.  Swann ducks the club swings and lays out Deaner and gets the club and nails Anderson with it.  Deaner tries to help but takes a cutter.  Anderson levels Swann from behind with his title belt.  They work on Swann until Mack enters with an axe handle.  He lays out Deaner and Anderson and Swann hits Deaner repeatedly with a garbage can.  They set up a door on a few chairs.  Anderson stops them from putting Deaner threw a door, but they take Anderson out and 3D Deaner threw the door.  Doc Gallows enters.  He boots Mack and levels Swann with a can.  Gallows uses the golf club, and the garbage can on Mack.  Swann’s eyes are crossed.  Eddie enters with a kendo stick.  He levels Anderson and Gallows.  He throws himself to the floor onto Gallows.  The fans give him a beer.  Swann spin kicks Gallows.  Eddie gets a table and sets it up on the outside.  The clock strikes for another entrant and Eric Young enters with trash can lids.  He goes straight for Eddie Edwards.  Deaner helps by biting Eddie’s forehead.  Anderson and Gallows work on Swann on the ramp.  Gallows then starts forking Eddie’s head.  Deaner wildly levels Eddie with a can lid on the head.  Heath enters.  He throws powder in Anderson’s eyes and uses a pipe on EY.  Heath then uses the pipe and a trash can on Deaner’s head.  What’s next.  Wow.  Willie heads to the top and misses with a trash can moonsault.  The match is just a brawl on the floor now.  Everyone has a weapon as Joe Doering enters.  He has no weapon, the former All Japan Triple Crown Champion is one.  He double powerbombs Swann and Mack.  With Doering now in the match, his team is in complete control.  Edwards is busted open.  War Machine, Rhino enters to an ECW chant. He levels Doering and beelines to EY.  He gets the chains he had during his pre match interview.  He pounds EY in the head with it.  We pan to Heath, who is also bleeding.  Gallows is a bloody mess as well.   Both teams get to their feet and stand across the ring from each other.  Then all tear into each other.  EY and Eddie are bashing each other on the head with trash can lids.  Eddie gets his stick and levels everyone with it until the cane breaks in half.

Eddie gets a new Kendo stick and lights it on fire.  He hits Gallows with it.  He circles back to EY.  Doering saves his leader.  EY piledrives Eddie from the apron onto a ringside table.  Swann 45o’s onto EY from the apron.  Mack pulls out a board with barbed wire all over it.  They set it up in the corner of the ring.  Doering is in the ring.  He puts Swann on his shoulder and hurls himself and Swann into the barbwire.  Mack hits a stunner on Deaner.  Anderson levels him with a cutter.  Rhino hits the gore on Anderson and Heath gets the pin.

Winners, Heath, Rhino, Swann, Mack and Edwards

The Good Brothers and VBD bail.  Matt Taven and Mike Bennett hit the ring.  They attack everyone and Vincent joins them.  Mack mounts a comeback and then PCO enters, and they take out everyone.  Taven and Bennett spike Willie Mack.  PCO moonsaults himself onto a prone Swann draped over the apron.   Maria Kannellis enters, and it appears ROH has invaded Impact.  Taven finds the Impact Tag belt and says we are taking this with us.

Scott D’Amore is ambushed by Gia backstage.  He says he is calling ROH to see what is going on.

Match 6.  Matt Cardona VS W. Morrissey VS Impact World Champion, Moose

Matt Cardona was backstage saying tonight is how he is spending his honeymoon.   Morrissey says he will win this title alone, how he likes it.  Moose enters last with his music blaring.  The scene is pitch black until a black light flashes on the champion.  Lights go back on, and he slowly heads to the ring.

Daniel Spencer is the referee for the match.

Cardona attacks Moose and Morrissey hits a pump kick on the champ for a quick two count.  Cardona breaks up the pin.  The match goes to the outside and Moose hurls Matt into the barricade.  Matt rolls into the ring for a break.  W and Moose go at it on the outside.  They each powerbomb each other onto the apron.  This is going to be a heavy hitting match.  All three of these men are huge.  Moose hits a crossbody on Matt and a Go to Hell on Morrissey.  Cardona hits a sit-down Radio Silence on Moose to break up the pin.  He then hits a series of boots to both foes.  Morrissey fights back and plants Matt on the top turnbuckle.  Moose joins and powerbombs W, while Morrissey SOS slams Cardona.

The fight spills into the crowd.  Chelsea Green enters and flips off Moose and dives on him from the stage.  Matt drags Moose to ringside and W hurls himself onto both opponents from the ring to the floor.  Cardona double knees Morrissey.  Moose re-enters and he and Cardona trade blows in the center of the ring.  Moose hits a pump kick.  He runs to the corner and runs up the corner turnbuckles.  Matt runs behind him and hurls him from behind to the floor threw a table.  That was a brutal fall.  Moose flew a long way and only hit the table with half his body.   The rest of him hit the barricade and floor.  A fan tosses Morrissey a leg prosthetic.  He sneaks behind Matt and bashes him with it.  The fans love it.  Even Morrissey cracks a smile from this one.  Out of nowhere, Cardona hits Radio Silence on W.  He gets a two count.  Cardona goes for an unprettier, W blocks it and hits a chokeslam for a two count.  Cardona blocks a powerbomb and hits Radio Silence again.  Moose breaks up the pin.  Moose and Matt trade blows in the center of the ring.  Matt rolls up Moose for a two count.  Moose spears the ref on accident.  Moose takes a Radio Silence.  W attacks Cardona and powerbombs Moose.  The ref is down.  Morrissey had him pinned for over 5 seconds.  Another ref comes out to check on Daniel Spencer.  Moose is down in the ring and Morrissey grabs a bunch of chairs.  He sets them up in a pile in the ring.  Morrissey goes for a powerbomb, but Moose crotches him.  He grabs a chair and starts nailing Morrissey in the back repeatedly, who is trying to get away, but is in a lot of pain.

Moose and Matt go at it in the ring.  Moose gets rolled up and kicks out.  Chelsea went in the ring to help her man.  The second ref enters to make the pin.  Moose crotches Matt and buckle bombs him into the ref and Chelsea in the corner.  Moose lays back and waits to make his next attack.  Moose spears Matt and gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Moose.

Moose celebrates in the ring.

Match 7.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Mickie James (Knockouts Champion) for the World Championship.  Texas Death Match

The two spend the first few minutes trying to intimidate each other.  Deonna hits a high knee and a hot shot to set up a Venus DeMilo.  Mickie gets to the ropes.   Rock C, the ROH Womens World Champion is shown with her belt at ringside.  Deonna gets a chair and hurls it in the ring.  Mickie grabs chairs too and soon the ring is filled with them.  Purrazzo then grabs a chair.  James boots her and smashes a chair over her back.  Mickie then uses the barricade to her advantage alone with a pipe to the mid-section.  Mickie even uses a wheel barrel.  Deonna finally fights back and lays out Mickie and stands over her and mocks the ROH Womens Champion while doing so.  Mickie gains her composure and strikes back.  They battle to the top of the ramp to the stage.  Purrazzo suplexes Mickie on the stage.  That was a hard fall.  Purrazzo gets a road case and pushes it on her.  Mickie gets counted out but has a 10 count to get to her feet under the Texas Death Match Rules.  Mickie is busted open, but gets to her feet, so the match continues.

Mickie refuses to give up and they fight back to the ring.  Mickie ducks a chair shot, shoots the leg and locks on a single leg crab.  Deonna gets to the ropes and pulls herself free.  Mickie dropkicks her to the floor.  She is bleeding badly.  Purrazzo re-enters.  Mickie uses her knee brace to with strikes to the head 3 times.  Mickie goes back to retrieve a table.  She gets it in the ring and sets it up in the corner.  Purrazzo bashes her head into it from behind.  Purrazzo heads to the outside and gets a bag of tacks.  She empties them onto the mat.  Deonna kicks her in the chest after a heated exchange and Mickie falls on the bed of tacks.  Purrazzo then gets choked over the ropes with her ring chaps.  She taps out to save herself.  The ref starts the 10 count.  Mickie gets to her feet.  Purrazzo leaps onto Mickie on the floor.

Mickie gets a chair, but Purrazzo levels her from behind.   Mickie is back in the ring, getting hit by a chair, rollng in thumb tacks.  Purrazzo goes to the top rope, Mickie grabs a chair and levels her, but stumbles and falls back on the tacks.  They are in her hair.  Mickie shakes it off and jumps on Deonna on the mat.  The ref counts to 3.  Purrazzo has to get to her feet.  Matt Rewoldt gets Deonna to her feet.  Mickie splashes them both.  Deonna has been busted open.  Mickie sets up the table in the ring.  She puts Deonna on the table and pounds on her bleeding forehead.  Deonna catches Mickie going to the top.  She hits the Queens Gabet threw the table and gets the 3 count, but Mickie beats the 10 count to her feet.

They fight over a chair and Deonna lands on the tacks.  Mickie levels Rewoldt and Deonna with a guitar.  She then DDT’s Purrazzo for a three count.  Purrazzo can’t answer the call and this match is mercifully over.

Winner and still Impact Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James.

Mickie stands tall as Tom mentions she has cleared the way for the Royal Rumble.

This was a fantastic PPV.

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  1. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Donna won’t bring the Impact Ladies Title with her to WWE Royal Rumble because DONNA ISN’T BOOKED. Mickie is.

    WWE didn’t book the champion, they booked Mickie who happens to be champion.

  2. Scott Porter says:

    Taxx they only announced 18 women to the Royal Rumble. Do you have some insider info that you would like to share with us? Maybe they will book Deonna. It would help everyone, including WWE having a little story to the match.

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