Big Swole on Tony Khan’s response to her criticism about diversity in AEW

Jan 8, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

“When I read the TK tweet, it was, not necessarily sent to me, but I got a text message saying, ‘Do not respond to him, it’s not worth it.’ At that time, I was already a little zooted because it was about to be New Year’s. I looked at it and I was like, ‘Wow, this is a lot.

“Wow this is alot to process and read between the lines and I saw the uproar and first instinct was ugh you could have stop there and then you continue to promote a Match?”

Overall, I’m very disappointed. A person with that pedigree should know how to respond in a way that doesn’t come off in the most negative way possible,” she continued.

“Just to have like some sort of grace ? You praise me about helping the division and the company and will welcome me back anytime and then you put out this tweet?”

“I was very disappointed. Embarrassed, even. Embarrassed for the people that are there. I really couldn’t believe it. Did he even listen to the podcast? Obviously not because it went completely off the rails. You went completely to counting brown people. If was truly about counting brown people, I would be naming certain demographics.”

“And to answer anyone’s questions, No there has NOT been a apology or Call from Tony or the company… maybe he feels he felt he didn’t say anything wrong in that tweet and then sends out his people from the company to say how their experiences in the company is then mines with their own tweet.s”

“In a way its Like a dig at me in the middle of it …like would you have shared this if I didn’t speak up? Or would have they spoken up about about their spots if this never happen no sweet heart.”

source: Swole Call in Podcast

4 Responses

  1. John says:

    She is an idiot that’s all

  2. Mudshow Mark says:

    They parted amicably and then she turned around and threw TK under the bus. I won’t justify what big Tone had to say, but her hands aren’t clean and she truly isn’t that good. If she’s going to put herself in the spotlight she needs to accept that. Otherwise she’s delusional.

  3. Steve says:

    Let’s all blame Big Swole..Boy talk about blind fandom…All the AEW fan boys got upset cuz someone called out a daddy’s boy

  4. fairfax says:

    Judging by some comments I’m surely gonna be labeled IST for this but who cares? “Big Swole” isn’t showing up in WWE or Impact or NJPW or anywhere relevant anytime soon because she’s a garbage wrestler and a garbage human…never appreciative of the opportunity given, though likely quite driven, just bitter and never willing to own up that you’re not good and you didn’t progress and now that you’ve burnt your only bridge…I can’t understand why anyone is listening to a word she says? Lio Rush much?

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