Lio Rush issues statement following AEW diversity backlash

Jan 2, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

After asking AEW President Tony Khan to apologize for his tweet, Lio Rush issued a statement following discussions he had with Khan and Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh.

Rush said he does not consider this a diversity issue and made sure to point out that he never said that Tony is racist or AEW as a company is racist.

“We can all clearly see that wrestling as a whole and the AEW roster is perpetually diverse. The issue at hand was a racial insensitivity issue,” Rush wrote.

Rush said that after speaking to Tony and Megha, he is grateful to be able to understand more about their own ethnic backgrounds and glad that they are actively seeking input from an African American perspective.

“I am proud to work for a boss and company that try to make these strides in social equality. I look forward to working with Tony to keep making steps towards positive change,” Rush concluded.

3 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    Okay, I’m lost. So he told Swole she’s a bad wrestler and that makes him racially insensitive?
    How the hell does that work? What am I missing?

  2. Stonz says:

    With some people, that is the go-to excuse when things don’t go their way… “That only happened to me because I’m (whatever excuse they want to use – gay, black, trans, white, fat, skinny, etc.)” instead of just owning the fact that they just didn’t perform up to the ability they needed to perform to. It’s an easy out for them, they think, and also it’s what they think is their way to get pity/support/backing from other people so other people will feel sorry for them and rally to support them. It’s freakin’ sickening.

  3. Dick Eagle says:

    Luke, Swole claims the reason she left AEW was because of lack of diversity. She had a big exit interview where she claims they are bringing in all of the recently released wrestlers and there is only so much TV time. Tony Kahn said she wasn’t a good enough wrestler.

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