Cody on AEW’s roster: “The table has a lot of different dishes”

Jan 2, 2022 - by James Walsh

During his recent interview with FITE in FOCUS AEW superstar and TNT champion Cody Rhodes spoke about the diverse AEW roster, and how he prefers storytelling and interviews over in-ring action. Highlights are below.

Says he prefers storytelling and interviews over in-ring action:

I know that I’m in the minority, in terms of what I like in wrestling. I like storytelling and interviews. I’ll use WrestleMania 3 as an example. I like Hogan vs. Andre. I also like Steamboat/Savage, but I still like Hogan vs. Andre more, and I love Steamboat vs. Savage, but I know there are wrestling fans, and there are people in management, who like the latter more, and that’s what I like about AEW.

How AEW does not have one-dimensional wrestlers on the roster:

There really is something for everybody. You will hear all these other luminary wrestling figures tell you that you can’t do that/you’ve got to have one singular focus and I think that’s just BS. We don’t have one [one-dimensional] wrestler on the roster. It’s a very diverse palate. The table has a lot of different dishes on it and I think that’s really good for fans.

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