Tony Khan responds to the comments Big Swole made about AEW

Dec 31, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan responds to the comments Big Swole said about AEW:

During her Swole World podcast, she talked about why she left AEW and what was said during her final talk with President Tony Khan…

“My heart just stopped being in it as the reason why I left AEW. I felt like there were a lot of things, and I told them in my exit interview, there are a lot of things that need to change. I know fans of the company don’t take criticism well sometimes, certain ones. Know this, this is somebody from the inside, the structure is a little off. It’s fine to be loose, but I like to have a little bit more structure. I felt like the women shouldn’t have gone through everything they went through just to get on TV or get time. You’re signed to this big company, you should get time.

All these men are getting time, but the women weren’t getting anything or you’re not putting people on TV because more people are coming in. Okay, there are more people coming in, but you don’t have enough product for all of these people. Now you have all these people sitting around having two or three minute matches on Dark doesn’t keep me happy. Shoveling more money doesn’t keep a person happy. We’ve seen time and time again, especially in a place where there’s not enough space. There’s no writers in a sense. Not everyone is comfortable writing their own things. Closed mouths don’t get fed. That’s exactly what that environment is. If you are shy and don’t know how to write or are not creative, it’s not going to work unless they want it to work for you. That’s one of their biggest issues.”

“Outside of [lack of structure] their BIGGEST issue, which is diversity. I do not beat around the bush when it comes to diversity and my people. There is no representation, truly, and when there is, it does not come across in the black community as genuine. At all. I don’t know why everybody is so afraid to accept it or say it, but it’s not a good look. What happens is, you have this wonderful company that treats people like family, but there is nobody that looks like me that is represented at the top and in the room with them. They are not helping to necessarily influence decisions, but to explain why certain slang and certain word shouldn’t be said.

There is no one else who can explain our culture and experience except for us. I knew something was up when my daughter, who loves watching wrestling, she would watch AEW all the time and seldomly watch WWE. She’s not a big fan unless dad [Cedric Alexander] was on TV, which stopped happening after they botched the Hurt Business. She would say, ‘Mommy, there is nobody that looks like me on AEW. There’s nobody that looks like daddy.’ Then she started watching WWE because she saw Bianca and Big E. She saw herself represented.

If that wasn’t a ‘click.’ ‘You are absolutely right. I don’t have an explanation.’ It’s 2021. Why are people saying, ‘it’ll take three years for AEW to have a black champ’? This is a scripted sport. It should not take that long if you have been watching WWE for 50+ years and you know what not to do.”

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  1. Really? says:

    “There is no representation, truly, and when there is, it does not come across in the black community as genuine.” Well, yes, that’s how it works in the Woke Ages. Keep demanding things, and when you get what you’re demanding claim it’s still not enough because it’s only happening because you demanded it. No acceptance of progress, no resolution, no satisfaction, just a never-ending cycle because it’s a total failure if you don’t instantly get everything you want as though with the wave of a wand.

  2. CM Chippunk says:

    “If you are shy and don’t know how to write or are not creative” … you shouldn’t be in the business. She is literally mad that AEW is not the Participation Olympics … and, worse, another pro-discrimination idiot who believes in preferential treatment based on race, instead of meritocracy. 👎

    1/3rd of white college applicants now identify as a minority in order to increase their chances of acceptance. Big Swole is asking, likewise, that she–and everyone that looks like her–be graded on a curve because of her race. 🙄

  3. Robert Gibson's Lazy Eye says:

    They’re pretty damn diverse

    4 men’s world 0/4 POC
    4 women’s world 3/4 POC (extra points for a transgender POC)
    TNT 2/5 POC
    Tag 3/10 POC
    So 8/19 is like 42%ish overall title holders.

  4. Luke says:

    Ok, so she’s racist and raised a racist daughter. Can I say something like this in today’s America, or is it a no-no because she’s black?

  5. John says:

    I have seen this woman wrestle aew. In my opinion and this is before she made her comments public just recently, she was one of worst women wrestlers they had on that aew women roster. She was extremely awful and I didn’t comprehend why she was getting a push. I remember she was in a program with britt baker and she was just terrible, just really bad stuff. She was in one of the worst matches in aew thus far that I saw. If I was Tony I would had fired her because of how awful she was in the ring and she was boring too. She was extremely reckless in the ring from the matches I saw from her. The handicap she had with two to three women was horrible.

    I’m not judging by her race but more of the awful ring work and promos she did in aew. She had to go.

    I said it before on her or another platform that she was god awful and shouldn’t be in aew or wwe and needs to improve.

  6. Jake Allen says:

    Corny once said something about Swole on his podcast that completely makes sense now. This was when Lance Archer first arrived in AEW and was being portrayed as a monster heel that the entire roster was afraid of. There was a spot on some show where Lance was walking around the outside of the ring, and (this was prime Covid where Tony had his wrestlers sitting ringside since no audience was there) the entire roster ran away from the guard barrier they were sitting at when he was walking up close to them. Swole was the only wrestler who stood there, started throwing her fingers in his face, and was daring Lance to punch her. Corny said something akin to, “She’s such an idiot. You’re portraying this guy as a monster who everyone is supposed to be terrified of, and she’s just gonna stand there and try to be tougher than he is. I (Corny) slapped Santino for doing that crap to The Boogyman when he decided not to run away, and someone should slap her!”

    Swole definitely comes off as someone who selfishly wants to protect herself in the moment, with zero care or understanding of protecting the business, let alone her future self. She wants to call out Tony on this garbage to feel good about herself right now. But how about in 2 years – hell, 1 year – when she wants a job again, and she has to beg Tony, let alone any other promoter who reads this crap? Vince at least lets wrestlers come back that he knows he could make money with (Bret, Warrior, Hogan, Bischoff). But would Tony be the kind of guy to let untalented talent back just because he feels bad for them?

    She’s a sucky wrestler, and, apparently, a sucky human being as well.

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