Tony Khan refers to some soon to be available talent as “diffence making”

Dec 31, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with AOL, AEW President Tony Khan said that 2021 was the best year that the company has ever had in its three year history. Here are highlights:

On 2021 being a great year for AEW: “I think 2021 was the best year we have ever had in AEW. Our four pay-per-views this year represented our largest buy totals we have ever had. In particular, the last two shows are the two biggest pay-per-view buy totals and biggest revenue shows we have ever done. We also expanded our television, adding our second show on a second night.”

On CM Punk’s pro wrestling return being his favorite moment of the year: “When he emerged and his music started playing and I heard the reaction from the crowd, it all came together to be my favorite television wrestling moment of the year and one of the greatest things we’ve ever done in AEW.”

On deciding who to sign to the company: “I have to look at a variety of factors. There are some talent, when they become available, regardless of how they become available, I want to make a place for them because I know they can make a difference here. There are other times that I may have a specific idea for someone. Nobody else can do it because there are a variety of factors that I have to consider. There’s the budget, where new people are going to fit on TV, will they be used on TV right away or in a developmental situation, or is it someone I am keeping for insurance in case they break out or if we have injuries or circumstances that necessitate new faces in the mix. This year, more so than any other year prior, we saw difference-making names become available.”

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