Impact stars with the least matches in 2021 among top U.S. promotions

Dec 31, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Impact Wrestling stars had the least amount of matches among the top three promotions in the United States with no one on the roster hitting 40 matches in 2021 according to data collected by

Ace Austin had the top spot with the former X Division champion wrestling a total of 39 matches across Impact’s shows, but winning only 12 of them for one of the highest loss percentage on the chart. Trey Miguel and Rohit Raju were in second and third place with 34 and 33 matches respectively.

Chris Sabin and Jordynne Grace, with 32 matches each, tied in fourth place while five wrestlers – Chris Bey, Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, Moose, and Tasha Steelz – each had 31 matches to tie in fifth place.

Rounding up the top 10 list were Crazzy Steve, Havok, and Tenille Dashwood in sixth with 30 matches each, Jake Something and Willie Mack in seventh with 29 matches, Black Taurus, Brian Myers, and Matt Cardona in eight place with 28 matches, in ninth were Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Fallah Bahh with 27 matches each, and in tenth place Rich Swann and Rosemary finished the list with 26 matches each.

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  1. fairfax says:

    Ideally this means that they’re all fresh and ready to burn it down in the 1st big event of the 2022 calender year, January 8ths very aptly named “Hard to Kill” pay per view from Dallas Texas at the SOLD OUT Bomb Factory. And to follow with TV tapings the following night in Dallas and then on to the biggest tour Impact Wrestling has orchestrated in literally years with their “Road to Rebellion” tour hitting Louisville, New Orleans, Ft Lauderdale and culminating at the historic Mid Hudson Civic Center with Rebellion LIVE on PPV. I mistakenly called it Redemption in a previous post and I believe that’s because the 1st annual April event was indeed titled Redemption and in subsequent years, rather cleverly, they did the subtle switch to Rebellion. Anyhow. It’s nothing on the levels of WWE or AEW but Anthem and Impact and company seem to have created a formula that works for the company financially and is beginning to draw greater crowds with each time out. It’s made sense to produce TV from a fixed location whether open to the public or, with the recent Covid restrictions, closed private set tapings because your costs only increase by taking that production on the road. I’m confident however with Impacts steady growth over the last 4 years that they’ve found a sweet spot were they can now tape the show more frequently and in front of larger and larger audiences. It’s far from the heyday of Double J&Dixie’s TNA tapings with a live show one week and then the following weeks episode taped the next night and on buuuuut they are taping fewer and fewer shows during these tapings and therefore booking more and more events. Impact has consistently, outside of WWE, produced TV outside of the U.S. more than any other domestic promotion, including AEW, with regular tapings in Windsor, Ontatio Canada at Sinclair College and in Mexico City and the Historic and Famous Jai Alai Arena, Fronton Mexico. And one last final thing to consider, and it’s how it’s supposed to be so I’m not saying they deserve any special recognition with the exception of how problematic the issue had been dating back to 2010, it was all but a regular commonality to hear TNA was months behind in payroll or that talents worked without pay or that the event was almost canceled by last minute financing came through and I can’t honestly recall the last time I read a headline touting “TNA Broke and Folding” or some such. I realize that most Impact Wrestling talents aren’t building homes next to Jerry Jarrett or Vince McMahon but I also haven’t heard any complaints either…and aside one good thing I think, for the company, to come of The Good Brothers new VLOG is that it regularly shows the Bros on the road and making company scheduled appearances, often with Scott D’Amore or D-Lo Brown in tow, that are making the boys extra income and getting the company and brand more exposure. 2022 will be a big year for Impact Wrestling…I predict. 20 years strong….Slammiversary has been hard to top the last 3-4 years…this year will be no exception!

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