Keith Lee on WWE making money from his name

Dec 28, 2021 - by Staff

Former WWE Superstar Keith Lee has been trending on Twitter this week due to some comments he made about his former employer.

A fan tweeted how they watch WWE in hopes of seeing Lee on TV again.

Lee responded and commented that WWE has made enough money off his name since he was released.

“You should probably stop that then. They’ve made enough money off my name since I’ve been gone lol,” he wrote.

This comment went viral with a significant amount of positive and negative feedback for the former WWE NXT Champion.

One fan responded, “You say that when you’re tweeting old photos of your time there…”

Lee responded last night and wrote, “My purpose for sharing them, very likely, does not align with your reasoning. And that is fine. You may interpret them in whatever way suits your fancy. Enjoy yourself.”

Lee was released from his WWE contract on Thursday, November 4, along with other budget cuts. He will become a free agent when his 90-day non-compete clause with WWE expires on Wednesday, February 2.

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